Day 8 | My Last Night Out In Detail

This was supposed to be yesterday's post people. Sorry and bear with me. ;D

Okay. Thank God that I went out my mom and my mak long last night. Otherwise, I’ll just sit at home in front of Toby. Looking at my homepage in Facebook that seems not to be functioning as a social network as supposed. Waiting for questions in Formspring that seems to be like waiting to have moon and sun in my hands. Waiting for people to update their blog and only few who did so. Jeez. Guys! Where’ve you been? What’re you up to? If there’s fun out there, take me with you! Okay. I think I just made a crap almost through out the whole paragraph. Never mind. It’s my blog, anyway. ;D

So, can I start my ‘last night out’ a lil bit early? Heh. Of course I can. So, in evening we (me and my mom) we went to see nenek. It’s been a while since we last visited her. She’s still strong and super awesome! She can walk with just the help from cane. She has quite an appetite too! She can finish all the kuih on the plate which she claimed to be ‘banyak nyeee kuih. haha’. Yes, she’s a strong woman with a good sense of humour. I wish I can learn Javanese with her. Anyway, it’s nice to be meeting inspiring people. After that visit, I definitely feel inspired and that I can do ANYTHING! :D Positive positive! Good!

Hey, mane cerita kisah semalam ni??

(Ohmy.. I’m getting more rojak these days. Mind me,readers)

Ibu has been craving to eat that cheap but oh-so-delicious-very-the-roti-naan-like roti naan at somewhere near Jackel KL. It’s somewhere like in hidden little India town. The roti naan is very, umph! And the price is very reasonable too! Plain naan costs you only RM1 per piece. Others (garlic/butter) you’ll only have to pay RM2 for each slice. Cheap isn’t it? :D And you’ll not only have dhal or kari as the gravy but also other side-dishes like lamb curry and others la. I don’t know the name but definitely you can choose a lot. Yes, that’s why my mom like it very much. Not only cheap, it’s reasonable too!

However, I decided not to eat roti naan cuz I’m getting bored with it. I ordered mee goreng mamak with apple juice. Mine came first. Mann!!!! It was hot as hell!! Seriously. At first few try I can bear the hotness still. Then, one feed by one feed, tears from my left eye roll down on my cheek. Whoa! Boyyy! Have I not eaten something like this in a while!! Eat some more, then try to hold on to the hotness of the mee goreng mamak. I eat and eat and eat. Till tears rolling down from both of my eyes. Man. This is hottttttarh!! Then I asked Ibu to order me another drink. Teh ais. Whatever it is so I can cool down this hotness. haha And I went back home feeling like I could throw up. Cuz my stomach is full with drink! haha

Google. Now I'm craving for this again! XD

Before we really got back home.. we decided to go to Chow Kit to buy some groceries. It’s cheap there. And the quality is good too. After we passed the road block, I saw what seemed to be a girl standing next to a car, as if waiting for somebody without the pants! I was like, OMG!!! Ya lah, memang aku anak KL. Tapi ni aku tengok depan2 kauuu! Selama ni tengok kat movies JER, mane tak terkejut tengok depan mata! Pantless! Just a big black blouse. Standing half-naked! Then I said quite loud ‘OMG! SHE’S NOT WEARING PANTS!’. And mak long was like ‘Mane? Mane?’. Then she said itu p****n lah.. Wow. But she looks like a real girl. I don’t know. Didn’t see that much to clarify pun. haha

Credits to Google (as always)

Then while waiting for mak long to buy some groceries out there, me and my mom we waited for her in the car. Then I saw a tall, white guy in blue shirt was surveying some vegetables on the other side. I looked at him and I know why I’m looking at him. It's because he’s an example of my type. What I like in men. Hohoho That sounds weird. haha Then I showed Ibu,

‘Bu, laki cam tu lah nina suka. Style macam tinggi, lembut-lembut sikit. hahah’.

‘Oh.. nina suka yang badan tegap cam tu’

*tegap ke? tak sangat lah. but okay lah. hahah


(a’ah je la ye..)


We came to a conclusion that he was shopping groceries with his dad. Awhhh so shweet! XD



  1. Hahahah nyna! XD That guy (courtesy to google) is cute! Nyna, bestnyaaaa ada nenek. Mesti comel kann. :D

  2. Yong: Agakla kan.. haha

    Rauf: Ngada2 tang mane nye.. haha

  3. awww so sweet lelaki tu kehkehkeh


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