Day 7 | Things I Like/Don’t Like About The Way I Look

Oh my. Oh my. First time I’m reading this, Oh my.

You see, it’s kinda hard to do this post because I’m not someone pretty. I’m farrrr from pretty. But some of my friends said I’m cute. In which part of cute I can’t figure it out. Haha And when I told my mother that my friends said I’m cute, all she did was laugh. I don’t know why she laughed, though I’m trying not to see the reason why. Haha (still, I don't think I'm cute. :/)

Things that I like about the way I look.. is of course when I wear red lipstick. Cuz I love my lips. Thank God for that. :D

Actually this pic was taken to show that I have 'rabbit teeth' that is not of the same length. Kan? 

So kids, sweets are never good for you! ;D 

And I love my eyes. They’re almond shape.. and I think my left eye shines out more than the right one. Hmm..

And my shoulder. Haha It’s weird, I know.

Things I don’t like about the way I look is my butt. *sigh* You think it’s easy being bootilicious? Nno. NO! I think, I have a normal waistline, but when it goes down below, it’s all messed up. Yeah. Thanks to my father’s gene. I appreciate that. NOT! When you have big butt, automatically your thighs and calf will have to enlarge in proportion to support the body. Unless I’m a cartoon then it can only get bigger there la kan. Okay.. that sounds weirddd.

Okay, I think that’s enough for this post. Wait for tomorrow’s! :D


  1. for me, nyna sgt lawa n comel :)
    beauty is not in the face only, but it is about you and your heart, :D

  2. Alin:
    aww.. sangat terharu.. :')) Tq Alin.. :)Yes, but people usually look at the external beauty first right..? Thanks dear! :'D

    Syidah: Haha That sounds so wrong! Hahah Thanks Syida! :D

  3. i like you,
    inside and outside,

  4. Zhafa: Aww.. sumpah terharu. Thanks Zhafa! :D

  5. dont bother about their judgement, they are going to regret it.:D

  6. Nyna, you are beautiful just the way you are. Once seseorang tu dah kenal dalam dan luar kita, rupa tu tak penting. And, ur lips are gorgeoussssss! <3
    Lagi satu, Nyna comel! :)

  7. Yong:
    Aww..terharu lagi! :'D Hope so.. :) Thank you Yong! :'D

    Sangat terharu dgn comment2 semua.. :'))


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