Day 13 | Naming

Name one person off Tumblr you'd throw off a cliff, one you'd marry and one you'd shag.

OMG.... Again, the moment I read this, I felt butterflies in my tummy. :/

One person off Tumblr I'd throw off a cliff: 
Anyone who annoys me.

One person I'd marry:
Oh! Um...definitely my excrush. Hahaha Izni should know this man. Lol. XD Izni, shhhh. XP

One I'd shag:
Okay, I had to google this term shag since I don't really know what it means... So what I found was:
A dance step of the 1930s consisting of a hop on each foot in turn.
To perform or execute this dance.
To engage in sexual intercourse with. O.o  Erk?

Err... okay... so if according to the first meaning, mmm I'd like to dance with someone... maybe The Rock?? Hahaha It sure is funny if I do that dance with him. LOL XD

The third one... err errr I'd like to do it with any hot male celeb, but you see, I don't have any permanent hot male celeb that I really like. So, urm... maybe George?? Hahaha Of course la George!! He's my future husband meyh!!! XDD


The lyrics are just, umph! Exactly what I would feel for George! XDD

P.s.: Speaking of my ex-crush... there's this one guy at my working place, he looks sooo much like my ex-crush! Except that he's the Indian version of him. XD


  1. i love that song of colbie callait! i kept hearing it in william and kate's commercial in TLC. I was like, siapa yang nyanyi lagu ni?? now i knowww. hehe

  2. Yong: Kan.. I'm so into the song!! hehe XD

  3. Haha lagu I Do tu comeyy! hehe :D seronok je mendengarnya :P hehe,The ROCK! hehe He's awesome! :D

  4. lol~ Mr.R in indian version?? lawak!!

  5. Mimi: Kann lagu tu buat nina rasa nak sway in the air! haha Yeah!! THE ROCK IS AWESOME!! XD

    Izni: Seriously!! I'm not kidding! He's the indian version of Mr. R!! XD


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