Day 12 | Something I'm Currently Worrying About

Hmmm So, result was out. Slash that.

Let's make things short and simple this time. Things that I'm worried about now:

  1. How do I get scholarship for my first degree?
  2. Which U will I be enrolled into?
  3. How will I do for my Medsi?
  4. Am I prepared for degree?
  5. Am I doing things according to plan for this hols?
Those are just around things in my short term goal.

  1. If anything happen to my mom, do I know what to do?
  2. Do I have anyone or anything to rely on to?
  3. What if anything happen, where will I live? How do I survive?
  4. Will I be able to survive?
  5. Will I be a good human being in the future?
  6. Will I have a good work in the future?
  7. Can I be a good teacher?
  8. Will I be able to buy a house, a car before I get married?
  9. When will I get married?
  10. To WHOM will I get married?
  11. Am I prepared to hold on to bigger responsibilities?
  12. Can I be a good wife and a good mother?
  13. Will I face what other wives are facing with their husbands? Kerenah and so on??
  14. Will my children have everything enough for them?
  15. Is that the best for them?
  16. Will I have a house to live in until I'm old?
  17. Will I be loved till I die?

A woman, plans not because we like to plan. Well, some of us, yeah, we like to plan. But most of the time, we have to plan things because this is life. And life is no joke man. I don't go with life just by my instinct or go with the flow. Even if I wanted to. Because, like I said in my FS, not all things nice come in life, even when you plan things, what more just go with your instinct or go with the flow. We, women, plan things, because most men DON'T! If the man doesn't plan, the woman doesn't plan, what will happen? Destruction, I tell you. 

I don't know why, but I don't think I'll live as long as until I'm 50 or 60. My family are all, well, mostly don't live that long. Sometimes I think I can only live until I'm 30+. I don't know. But I know love, life, death is all in His hands. I can only plan, but it is all Allah who will decide for me. I'm sure He got the best for me. :)

I hope the best for me.
And for you.
And I hope you, too, will do the same for me. :)


  1. Nyna...some of it are the same with me..wuwuw..especially the mom part..i dun have any sibling like u too.. wuwuw~ aihh sometimes there's too much to think about. huhu

  2. same here..the first in my list is regarding scholarship.
    I don't even know where to begin!! T^T *cries in despair*

  3. okay, just like what i've been thinking all this while. well, of course of the male version. hahaha.

  4. Dyanne: Kann? Hmm. Anything, we gotta be prepared.

    Nash: Chill... anything, last resort PTPTN la jawabnya.

    Zul: Hahah Thought so.


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