Day 11 | With Whom I'd Rather Get Stranded On A Desert Island?


 This one is interesting. But when I think about it again.. ergh. Cliche! haha The question was:

Would I rather be stranded on a desert island with someone I love for 10 years or 12. Someone I hate for a month? Keep in mind I gotta survive. Discuss. 

Well, at first I thought of choosing someone I love. Because it doesn't matter how long or what the situation is, as long as you're with the one you love, then you should be happy. Besides, it could bring you closer. Err.. I leave it to you whether you want to interpret as in being physically or emotionally closer. haha

But then I thought, hey, why not get stranded on a desert island with someone I hate? It couldn't be THAT bad, couldn't it?? :D Why do I pick this? Because... usually,

when two people are in a desperate situation, their ego are more likely to tone down. Besides, what harm can be done being stuck in a desert island when you have nothing to harm each other, right? Both of us need to survive, so for sure both of us will have to communicate, and when we communicate, we will have to tolerate with each other, try to understand with each other and sooner or later, we'll be friends. Who knows? If opposite gender, lagi lah, who knows we'll fall in love? Muahahaha (start dah tu berangan XP) Okay okay. So in the end, Idt we'll stay hating each other, but more likely we'll become friends, that's the least what could happen. 

Sometimes, we hate people because they have what we don't have. Am I right? Ask yourself. Let's reflect. For me, I believe that 'What you hate is what you are'. I have this one person, whom I kinda hate, and yes, I realized that we have some things in common. But I'm taking it as a lesson as I don't wanna be like the person I hate. Hence comes the saying. :) 

Also, I found that, sometimes, you can get really well with the people that you used to hate or dislike. In fact, you find them to be... more interesting (?).  haha Yes. So, why not give it a try? I know it's natural to dislike some people, but look at the bright side, you won't be seeing the people you hate forever right? Either they'll move away (in whichever way), or either both of you will die (depends on who goes first la). Life is too short to hate people. Quoting Faliq: 

"If you got shit in life, JUST FLUSH IT!"

I know it's easier said than done. Nothing is ever easy in this life, no? =)


  1. Haah,sometimes we hate someone because they have something that we don't have,and yeah,kadang2 kalau kita sembang2 dengan org yg kita tak suka, actually we can make a good friendship with them, tengok2 diorang tu takdelah seteruk yang disangka, kann? :)

  2. Mimi:
    Agree. Setan je lebih yg menghasut.. haha And maybe sometimes we judged based on our own experienced or background knowledge that we have close to that type of person. :)


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