Day 10 | One Thing I've Lied About

Hello everyone! 

I'm back! Err... for my 30 days challenge post! :D Sorry that I postpone it for a while.. Had to deal with some issues. Now, I think it's settled. :)) 

Anyway! So what is that one thing that I've lied about? hehehe 
Jap. Before that, I just wanna tell you something.

Weyh. Kau tau tak betapa payahnya aku nak pikiaq ape benda yg aku tipu org selama ni??? Selain dari reason aku ada "hal", aku duk pikiaq siang malam ape ke bendaaaaa nye la yg aku tipu selama ni. Well, it's not exactly tipu. 

Phew~ Lega. hahah

So what is it that I've lied about?


The lie: I don't listen to K-Pop or Korean stuffs.

The fact: I do listen to K-Pop and some Korean stuffs.

At least, I used to. haha To be honest, I was IN LOVEEEE with this thing ever since I was in Form 2 or Form 3 (couldn't recall much). I listen to it with my walkman (time tu MP3 baru nak IN, tapi aku mmg lambat sikit bab2 gadget ni. haha) almost everynight. I still remember I was lying there on my bed at night, looking at the ceiling and listening to the songs. It's calming. I love it cuz they're like... instrumental? Sentimental? Hahaha Then boleh pulak kan bangun2 separuh sedar besok ada lelaki handsome mana tah duk kat kepala katil. *Ketuk kepala* Aku memang kuat berangan. *tepuk dahi* Adoiii. Anyway! I'm not so much into Korean stuffs nowadays. I don't know. I prefer English. hehehe ;D

So yeah, that was it. Actually, I have another collection of CD. But couldn't found the case. And the cd too. Oh well, at least now I'm not THAT addicted to it. Heheheh

P.s.: Going to work tomorrow!! Wee~ Wish me luck! I'm scared!! :/ There's a difference right between 'Do you LIKE kids?' and 'Are you GOOD with kids?' right?? Right??? :O


  1. omg tak sangka nyaaa. ingat kan nyna layan katy perry je! haha. good luck kerja esok! :)

  2. Hahaha Something that I don't really tell people. ;D Thanks, Yong! :D

  3. wow.. my lovely samsoon and princess hour mmg drama korea yg legend. ;P

  4. Izni: Kannn I love those 2!! :D

    Mimi: Ops! Hehehe :P


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