What's Suppose To Be Updated Last..4 Days?

Hello beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, smart, awesome people out there! Yes, you. You my dear readers! How are ya’ll?

I’m sorry it has been a really long time since I last really connected with ya’ll. (Though I doubt there's anyone who's waiting for my blog to be updated =.=) What not with my broadband had some problems. Now it’s all fixed, I can get online as usual!! Yippieeeee!!!!!! I hope you’re all okay. Okay... as in happy, healthy and all? :D I think, most of us are done with their academics, no? Especially the asasians? I’m sure most of us will embrace this 6 months long holiday with excitement, adventures and maybe, just maybe a lil bit of boredom. hehe

Gosh. Thinking about this already spread the purple butterflies in my tummy. (hee~ I like to paint my butterflies purple)

Anyway, of course you’ll have to loss some and gain some.

No more laughing out loud with my awesome, fantabulous, pretty, smart, cool roomies!
No more sleeping late at night and waking up to my alarm tone at 5..55 (and sometimes 5.58) and ended up waking up at 6.30. =.=
No more climbing up 4 floors and walking towards the ENDDDDDDD of the floor just to get to my room.
No more that beautiful scene, watching sunset from the bilik ampaian.
No more secret codes between the three of us.. too much of secrets till I’m confused with the reality and the “underworld”.
No more..
Mdm Zarina aka Miss Z: “The main idea is there. Rephrase yang, rephrase” or “Help your friends, class”
Mdm Vovi: Phrases of  universal/faulty generalization, wordy, colloquial, cliché, ACADEMIC WRITING!!! 
Ustzh Mahfuhzah: With her deep to heart lessons. Gonna miss that.
Mdm Ros: Laughing along with us throughout the speeches.
Mdm Mel aka Ms Mel: “Now, now. Listen!~”
And other fabulous lecturers.

But in return, I got to:
Spend more time with my mom
Not feeling guilty for leaving my mom doing all the house chores
Back to my bed and bantal busuk and the smell of the room
I get to bake!
Dance and singing in the bathroom every evening for as long as I want! (Oh yes! I can do Jessie J-Do it like a dude to Katherine McPhee- Terrified. hahaha)
GREAT food!

Also!!!!!!!!!!!! There are just so many things I wanna do!!
Go to Kino and read books ALL day.
Observe homo sapiens.
Drive Baby V!
Try to love my cats again. 
Ever since Kucing died (Yes, it’s a cat and I specifically call her Kucing), I’m afraid to love the others.

Err.. that’s all I think. Hahah I had so many ideas before, but when suddenly it poofs! Gone. Gone with the wind. Holiday wind, I remind you. haha

I hope you’re enjoying your 6 months hols wisely, and take this time to do whatever you want to do (just make sure that it’s safe and doesn’t make Allah angry, okay? :D) before we get busy completing our degree!

Have fun! Stay safe! Be cool!

P.s.: Gonna get busy back to work this Monday. =.='


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