Today I woke up feeling angry. ANGRY! ANGRY! YES, I'M ANGRY!

Angry at myself! 
Angry at others!
Angry at the oil-spilled on the damn floor. Fduck you who spilled or accidentally spilled that! 
Angry at people who just want knowledge for themselves.
Angry when everything I hold always fall down. Seriously, what the fduck is wrong with you hands????!!!
Angry when I see lots of ants on the table at TESL square. It's freaking annoying.FDUCK you who didn't throw the sweets away.

Angry at typical, fducking, *a*a* guys. Damn. I hate guys like you. Vain. Denying. Ego! You guys sucks! FDUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK *my middle finger likes you dude*


And when I'm angry, I'll listen to my MP4 (yes, pity Phillip for being mistaken a year younger, it's okay Phillip, at least you're awet muda) at MAXIMUM volume! Yes, supposedly I must not do that. But I need to unleash it. Somehow, someway. I must.

I'm sleepy, I'm kinda hungry (now most of the time, and a hungry man is usually an angry man [erk]) and I just don't feel like talking. So, excuse me, forgive me, but I just don't feel like talking to you people. Blergh.

Still, guys like you sucks!


  1. sabar sabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr nyna...

  2. minyak kat mana nyna?
    not our room kan?
    not that i know

  3. Yong: trying... *breathing*

    Zhafa: in between toilet and bilik sidai.

  4. nyna, seram sejuk aku baca post ni. Kot kot, mamat tu aku! hehe..(harap2 ler tak!)...sabaq nyna, sabaq...... take a deep long breath. Then u will cool down. :)


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