As- My gf. My ex-roomie. Now, my ex-classmate. Happy go lucky. Survivor. 

Syidah - Funky, club music.

Aainaa - Good cursor. Stylish in her own ways.

Siti Q. - Hehe British accent. Snow white. 

Syiera - Decent. Nice.

Yana - 2nd gf. haha Chinese looking girl. Manja. Talkative

Rara - Lovely. Sweet. Kind. Talkative. 

Eina - Stylish hijab. 

Sue - Good with Grammar. Talented. Stylish too.

Naddy - Cekeding. Nice. Eats a lot, still, maintain. 

Maya - Maintain classy.

Asy - Lost Italian. haha Talented in being crappy and crazy. Diligent too.

Zaza - Happy go lucky. Awesome love-quotes walking dictionary! XD

Ayssya - Skinny. Photogenic. Sweet.

Filaq - 'Get crazy, get wild. Lets party, get loud.'. Never judge a book by its cover.

Nabil - The perasan-macho-guy. Deep voice. N-n-noo!

Munir - Can get crazy with Filaq. Ayam masak cili padi, was it?

Faiz - Diapers. The first man to ever made me really angry. hoho

Hakim - Decent. Tall. 

Haziq - Friendly. Good guy. 

Mu'az - Talkative. Big but not fat. 

Muhaymin - Psycho ghost. 

Here are some things that reminds me of each and every one of you guys when your name is mentioned. I had such fun time with ya'll. Never knew I'd met such fantabulous people like ya'll! I'm sorry for any of my wrong doings to you. Keep in touch always! May Allah bless ya'll and all the best in your future! Love ya'll! :D

Much love from, 


  1. Yes. Sebab selalu boleh dgr lagu ala2 club beating loud from your earphone. :D

  2. the first name you mention!

  3. haha..the first man ever..??!!..niceee..!!!..haha..btw sorry..B-)

  4. As: Of course! :D

    Faiz: Apa??! Bangga la pecah rekod?? Haha Chill dude. You have my forgiveness already. :D


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