Zhafa - Her weird, funny, but unique laugh. Lovable. Funny. Jazz. K-Pop. The friend who brought me back the meaning of Friendship. :'D

Malina - One crazy girl. XD A big spender. Jonas brothers. Taylor Swift. You're one awesome woman dude!! 

Syidah - Her bubbly personality. Fierce. 

Nurin - Motherly, talkative. I like her words of wisdom.

Dyanne - Tall, sweet.

Nashra - Her voiceless or how to say this, hiccup laugh? haha American slang. Sweet. Lovely. Smart. An angel. 

Mimi + Noor - Positive in every way. Polite. 

Mimi + Fathi - hehe Rock star babe!

Feza - Chinese looking girl. Sweet. 

Yaya - K-pop fan. Kelate. 

Nisa - Decent. Sweet.

Bazlaa - In her own world. Loves books.

Yamna - Funky.

Maya - Confident. Sexy. Determined. 

Jannah - Sweet. 

Shufitri - Music. Manja. Unique in your own way.

Zakwan - Bitchy mouth. haha  

Rauf - Over shy. Secretive.

Fattah - British accent. Kelate.

Arif - Tall. Utarian. 

Afif - Bad-tempered. Cute.

Syed Aiman - Daddy. Aeroplane.

Faiz - Chris Martin. Coldplay.

Khairil - Fashion guy. 

This is what I think of when I hear your name. Things that remind me of you. I think I've mentioned all of the name as listed above. I'm sorry for any of my wrong doings before. I love you guys so much! May Allah bless you always! All the best in your future! :D

P.s: Is the above title correct?? XD

Much love from, 


  1. "positive in any way"?
    aww nyna,terharunye :')
    thanks nyna :)

  2. tq nyna.....for some reasons, i dont know whether i should smile, laugh, or cry at your comment about me...tq again nyna....

  3. Mimi: No probs dear! Keep being positive! :DD

    Rauf: It's a good thing you're being shy.. unlike most guys nowadays, tak de rasa malu conversing with their female friends. But too much shy may cause opportunities to turn its face away from u. :D

  4. perasan x nama aku kt both 2E and 1C kat no 10..!!..COOL..!!!!!!..Woo Hoo..!!!



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