Let's See How Far You Can Go

Okay. I don’t know but I’ve been having random thoughts/feelings/taste/smell/imaginations.

Last night, before taking picture with the big peacock at ICT then singing the song publicly, I thought of marrying Michael Buble.

Now I feel like having something creamy in my mouth.. like the cream on the cake?

Maybe tomorrow I can have Subway with Ibu.. hmm. Nak Subway...

It's funny what mouth can do. 
And I don't mean kissing. 
The story told, words spoken as if the truth is theirs. 
Keep talking. 
I wanna see how further you can go. Blergh!
 Looks can just as deceiving as chameleon
And for that reason I despise good-looking guys.

I can be your ears.
But not your mouth.
I listen for the sake of listening.
But don't get me wrong.
Don't jump into conclusion too fast
I told you,
What you see is not what you get.

Seriously, the moment I knew about it, I laughed hard! I mean, that's some funny bullshit man!! LOL 
I laugh because they don't know what they were talking about.
I laugh because they speak as if they knew me, as if they knew the truth.
I laugh because I know who I am.
I laughed because I know they truth.
And they're talking it like, WHAT????

I'm sorry, but you failed at making me hurt with those rumours. Try again. ;D

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