A Lesson Wrapped In A Cancer-Awareness ...

On my way back to Shah Alam to settle some things, I felt.. remorse.

It was raining. Drizzle. And suddenly this song was on the radio

I'm coming home 
tell the World I'm coming home 
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

Some of you know that I can't listen to this song. It feels numb. Somewhere in my heart. (I'm sure Pn. Vovi would point this and say 'Fragment'. I miss her! :'D )And it all came flashing back on my mind. From the very first day to the end of it. 

I realized that the moment I went back home that night, the day after that, I think I left all my feelings there. I left my memories with him there. I didn't bring him home. Well, maybe, due to factors.

The moment I came back to Ward 11, I opened the door and closed it. I stand with my back on the door. I smiled. I smiled to the joy we had. To the memories that will remain in our mind as long as we live. It's like in the movies. I can imagine my roomies things at their places, what they're doing, or the great times we had, laughing all together as roomies. And I remember when Nashra was still in that room. Damn. I miss it all.

After I had done with my college clearance, I went back to car. On my way there, I wasn't sure why I was holding back these tears. Yes. I almost cried. I knew we'll never have this again. It's a lesson, you know. A lesson to me and for all of us. 

We tend to appreciate things once we lost it. But thank God, this time, I think we learn to appreciate things near to the moment when we're about to lose each other. How long is the period depends on Allah's planning solely. Towards the end of Asasi only we realize how much we love each other, how much we're gonna miss each other, how much each and every one of us means to us. Or was it just for the sake you don't want to have any sins with your friends? Habluminallah, habluminannas? (Please, correct me if the spelling is wrong) Whatever it is, I'm sure we learnt our lessons. All those fights, all those childish quarrels, dissatisfactions among friends are unnecessary, no? Because at the end of the day, love conquers all. Yes, as a human being we can't help feeling irritated or annoyed with other person. It's a matter of control and how you encounter with your own feelings and emotions. Yes, I'm not gonna say more, afraid I might just talk the talk but not walk the talk. :) 

I learned my lessons, have you? :D
Macam promote cancer-awareness jeee ;P

P.s.: This has nothing to do specifically to only a person or a particular group. This is for all to read, it depends on how you digest it. ;D


  1. i heard that song during final week of our exam and it almost (almost okay, mind you!) brought tears to my eyes... gonna miss seeing you in TESL Square Nyna....:)

  2. Qida: Was about to say "Gotcha!" haha I'm gonna miss you too.. Hopefully we can meet each other later.. :)

    Mimi: Miss you too Mimi!! :D


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