It's Still Him

I miss George. I really really really miss him. 

You were on my mind, man.
You were always there.

Then when life interrupts, life brings me back to you. You. YOU!
I miss you.

How irony life can be when I started to miss you again the moment you're "Away"??
Seriously, I laughed to the irony of life.
I almost cried for missing you.

Life is funny. Irony is humour. Sarcasm is witty. 

Local George. That's what I used to call him. You excites me with your intelligence, your founding. You amused me. 
But now, I feel nothing. No excitement when I see you. Nothing. Nothing's left *Muaz's style. LOL XD* No lah. There is still something. Maybe not now. Who knows? :D

Damn. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you George..... I do. George. Local George. International George. I don't care. I miss you. The George that's always in my mind. :DDD

P.s.: Think I'll get over with Mr. The Man In The Cap. Hmm. I know I'm one evil woman. Hmm. I love George. I'm being loyal to him. Tehee~


  1. Who is this George? hik3~ busy body kan kan kan? haha

  2. Haha No lah. I like the fact that you asked me DIRECTLY rather than just making assumptions/conclusion based on what I wrote and leave those doubts unsolved. And thank you for that. :D

    Read this, you'll know:


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)