I Still Can't Find The Ways To Put The Words Together!

It was awesome. I learned a lot from ASASI TESL.

I still remember those days before I went for the interview. The eagerness, the excitement, the expectation of it all. But before that I give a bunch of thank you to

Kak Lin – for giving me the insight, the important infos of ASASI TESL. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Iz- Also, it was through his blog that I happen to know sort of the routine as an ASASI TESL students.

1C –  You guys rock! <3 1C

2E – Never thought I’d met awesome people like ya’ll! :D

1A-02-01 – I miss every moment we spent together. :’D

1A-04-11 – Also known as, Ward 11. I will miss you (only Zhafa & Malina, not the other bitch) guys so so much! Damn. Didn’t get the chance to record Zhafa’s laugh. hahaha And Malina’s bongekkk How’d you got that word I don’t know. But you guys are awesome!! :D

To be honest, I have never met wonderful, loving, awesome people like you guys in ASASI TESL! :D

Overall, I had terrific moments with you people. I have so many words to say but it can only be in my heart and right now my heart is going to burst anytime soon with words of appreciation, words of forgiveness, best wishes and EVERYTHING! XD

I don’t know what to say anymore cuz I think I have been very honest with most of the TESLians. *Muaz’s style* Nothing’s left! Hahah XD

All I know is, I’m gonna miss you guys so much! Thank you for everything! Thank you for being a part of who I am, a part of my memories.

Stole this from Alifah's album. Sorry! Hehe~

May Allah bless you all..
May you have what’s best for you here and in the afterlife..
May you find your soulmate and lover (ni mesti ramai yg amin kan ni XD )..
May you will always be in His path..
Amin.. :D



  2. Aww.. I'm touched. :') Love ya too big bro!


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