Day 5 | Weird Things I Do When I’m Alone.

Hohoho! This is bound to be something... exquisite, insane but true?? Hahah

When I’m all alone...

I would...

I would...

Dance and sing in the bathroom! Seriously No kidding. When I say I dance, I DANCE. And I can do it form LMFAO- Get Crazy Jessie J- Do It Like A Dude to Christina Aguilera- Not Myself Tonight to Katherine McPhee feat. Zach Levi- Terrified.

Oh Katy Perry’s songs is a MUST! Teenage Dream. The One That Got Away. Circle The Drain. And of course, Peacock. *singing I wanna see your peacock *ock *ock your peacock *ock* okay enough.

Oh and with the red lipstick. Of courseee duhh *flip hair and walk away*


When I’m alone in the kitchen, there’re two things I’ll do. One in the dry kitchen and another one in the wet kitchen. If you don’t know the difference; usually what people call by dry kitchen is the place where you have you meals. The wet kitchen is where the food is being made... or cook. Okay, that sounds weird.

AAAAnyway! Back to the second weird thing I do. Well. If my mood is good and I’m cooking something or baking, I would talk alone as if I’m the next Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver. Lol But yeah, seriously. And it’s such fun to be talking alone as if there’s a camera in front of you recording what you’re doing. hahah I know it’s insane. Crazy. XD

That’s what I’ll do in the wet kitchen. In the dry kitchen, we have this one black and kinda big mirror. Whenever I wear that long baju kelawar (I think that’s what people call it), the one that my aunt bought it from me. It’s really nice, soft, the design is abstract and I like it! Whenever I pass the mirror in the kitchen, I’ll stop for a while and pull the “night gown” back and it’ll reveal to me my curves. And I’ll pose like a professional model. Hahaha I know it’s lame. But hey, at least I dare to try out. IN THE KITCHEN lagiii XD


I also have a weird thing about imagination. I tend to imagine things, like way out of the normal imagine. For instance:

I’m holding a knife.. and I thought: what if I suddenly went all crazy and stab the people in front of me..?
I’m at a high place.. and I thought: what if I was pushed or accidentally fell from this height? How’s it feels like to crash on the floor from a great height?

And I always imagine when The Day comes. How long will I have to wait? How hot it’s gonna be in hell? Oh my God... what kind of punishments will I have? Including the things that are not obvious? Yeah. I always imagine about death and the afterlife.

Sometimes... I do imagine about George too. (Damn. I can't imagine who will marry me. Like, no pictures, imagination, dreams at all!) You know.. like how I’ll be when I’m 25. Or 30. Or 42. Will I be able to live that long?

I think of these things when I’m alone.

And sometimes, I like to stare at myself. Yes. I look deeply into my eyes and just look. Monologue. First time, I can’t look into my own eyes. I was scared. It’s as if I see darkness in it. But now, I’m okay.  And sometimes I like to make weird facial expressions. Haha yes, I do!

What I'm gonna show you next, if you can't handle the uglyness, please, either you bare with it or just close this tab. XD

muah! :*

Errr looks like I've revealed to you some of hideous pics of mine. Hahaha 

Elehhh I'm not the only one who do weird things when I'm alone. I bet you do, too! Everyone does! 

Now, tell me what is/are the thing(s) that you do when you're alone?? ;D

P.s.: If there's more I'll tell ya'll later kay? :D


  1. i'm sure that you're not alone baby! hahahaha

  2. Fara: Wow. Cepatnya comment! haha yeah. we all have our little secrets.. ;D

  3. When I'm alone er er er saya gigit jari ehehe

  4. haha kalu mimi,mimi selalu buat dramatizing sorang2! hahaha :D

  5. Syidah: Gigit jari...? Pastikan jari anda bersih dahulu ye!! ;D

    Mimi: Dramatizing?? Wow. Ni mesti dpt markah tinggi hari tu kan..? Sebab dah selalu practisce. ;D


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