Day 4 | The Best Thing To Happen To MeThis Week

Ohhh come on dude! It’s only Wednesday!! Not yet FRYday or Saturday and Sunday comes afterwaaarrrrrdd. Blergh RB!

Err.. so I keep asking myself. 

On Monday I was working. Then I quit. Cuz I don’t wanna do the same thing again.

Oh yeah! I know! The best thing to happen to me this week is knowing that there’ll be a guy, graduated from University of Melbourne, will be coming into the office! With his Australian accent! Muahahaha

Good day mate! *Aussie accent*

Well. That should be the second best. Of course la the best thing to happen to me is I quit the job!! This means more time on my own, I get to blog as often as I want, do more research on that thing and not to forget, the house chores. =.=



  1. Because I don't want to do the same thing again. I want to experience different types of jobs. :)

  2. so wht d'ya hav in mind? i mean, ko nk cr kje laen ke?

  3. Malina: Yup! Aku nak cari kerja lain. But I dunnoe what. Just called MPH, they say they're not gonna take part-timers anymore. Hmm.. any idea?


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