Day 3 | 5 Things That Irritates Me About The Opposite/Same Sex

It got me thinking at first when I read this. Quite sure enough I can find things that kind of irritates me of the opposite sex, but what about the same sex? Lets figure it out! :D *feels like I’m in one of the kids show. awww I miss those times when I get all my biscuits and a glass of Milo sitting in front of the telly and watch Sponge Bob. awww*

Okay. Here we go.

1.       When people answer me ‘Tak tau!’ or ‘Entah!’ with a shrug.
Especially without looking. Felt like, URGH! Maybe a slap or two will make ‘em give a different answer to me. Of course, that can only happen in my imagination. I’ve slapped ‘em back, stab ‘em, kill ‘em. Err I think that’s enough for you to know about it. Heh XD

2.       People who ignore others. 
        Especially when guys treat more of other girls when we're talking. Jealous? I don't know. Hahah Girls too! Just because they don't like that person, they treated the people they don't like like rubbish. 

3.       Vain guys.
Ahaaa! This should be #1. MAJOR DISLIKE. Especially good looking guys that are vain. Like, what, looking at you means I like you? You know that moment when you’re laughing/smiling to your friends/family that happens to be around you at that time, and when you turn around, ah! there he is. With a smile still on your face, he gives you that look like what-cha-lookin’-at??!! with a smirk. Okay, maybe I have an issue with good looking guys. I dunnow why I kinda.... despise ‘em. Also,   When a guy sings in a way that they think it’ll make them look cool or we’d fall for them.  Puh-leez!

4.       Girls who talk about boys 24/7.
No no friends. These people, they talk about ‘em alllll around the clock. Like every single thing they do. Analysing his reactions on her.. blablabla God knows what else they talk about. I mean like, come on!!! Aren’t you bored talking about the same THING....same PERSON allll the time? Every single breathe you take is to talk about your beloved ones. Get a life! This, really annoys me.

5.       Typical men/women.
I’ve not much to comment on this. Different people have different definitions of typical. And my definition of typical is very general. I wish not to disclose it here.

 I'm sorry if any of you offended. I'm not perfect. And so are you. I have my own weaknesses. Like I said, we have our own weaknesses, you have your own weaknesses. It is my weakness if I can't accept some part of you, but I tried my best. And it is your weakness if you can't accept any part of me. Let's not make small things big, okay? :D Spread the love, people.

P.s.: Not in the mood to blog actually. Sorry.


  1. Dont worry dear.. I despise those kind of people too..
    But, I don't think I'm kind enough.
    So I don't know if I have the right to judge other people ):

    anyway, gambar yang last tu sumpah buat Nash terkejut -,-

  2. This one, I HAD to judge. It's the challenge. So haters out there, don't hate me. XD

    *singing 'don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful~'* LOL XD

    That's the motive. I feel annoyed. I wanted to "return" the annoyance. Sorry you had to be the 1st victim.haha

  3. hahaha nyna,I agree dgn semuanye! tapi yg paling paling paaaliing setuju,yg no. 3 & 4! haha mmg annoying sgt kan org2 sebegini? haha good post nyna! :)

  4. Mimi: Kan.. hahah sabooo je la ngan mereka2 ni.. XD Tq!! :D


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