Day 2 | A Famous Person You’ve Been Compared To

Well, I must say it is pretty obvious for my friends to really know a famous person I’ve been compared to. Simply because I loveeeee this celebrity so much!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Katy Perry. Mrs. Russel Brand.

Not being compared by the looks, but the songs?? :/

And yes, I do realize too that the first two sentence of this post, I’m saying it with the classic English style though I’m using modern words. Blame Mr. Darcy on that. XP

I can’t remember specifically when did I start liking this singer. I just thought that I like, no, I love allllll her songs and she’s awesome!!  Though, yeah, I can’t deny that some of her songs are really... you know. *shrugs* Peacock. Milk Milk Lemonade. Stuffs like that. ANYWAYYYY, to highlight why I love her songs (I know this challenge didn’t asked for it, but I’m sure you wanna know why right?) I’ll list it for you.

Her songs are sunny songs. What I meant by sunny songs are songs that remind you of a sunny day and basically makes you feel or at least imagining it’s sunny out there when you listen to them. Like Teenage Dream. No matter if it’s night, rain or cold, whenever I listen to it, I can feel the warmth of the sunshine here, in my heart. And that is all that matters. Cuz I love sunshine!

Motivating, catchy, rock and roll, and still, feminine. Yes, all this are wrapped up in her songs. Circle The Drain, Firework, and others.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, must I acknowledge you (in case if you don’t know) that Katy Perry will release her mv (read: music video) soon in about 5 days (minus one since it’s already Sunday today) of her song title E.T. or also known as Futuristic Lover.

Also, I have sung my most favourite song of Katy Perry. TEENAGE DREAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going back to the title, I suppose when my friends (TESLians mostly) will remember me when they see Katy Perry, no? Kalau tak sila cakap tak. Nanti malu saya. heheh 

“Remember Katy Perry, 
Remember Nyna Roxford”


Or maybe I'm being compared with Marilyn Monroe because of my hair? The curly hair, red lips. Am I confused??

P.s.: Anytime you want to dare me to sing Peacock, just beep me. XD


  1.'s true dear...when i listen to her songs, ur face will immediately pop into my head...:)

  2. hehe nyna dengan katy pery memang tak dapat nak dipisahkan ;)

  3. Nashra: Heeee~ XD That way you can't forget me! hihi :DD

    Izni: Tqqq :DD

    Syidah: HELL YEAH!! It's just a matter of when and where. hahaha XD

    Mimi: Mmg tak dapat dipisahkannn :DD


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