Quick Wish!

Hello people!!
I doubt if there are any people reading this blog, though.

How’s your holiday? Superb? Boring? How’s your CNY celebration? Fantastic? Nothing special?? Oh come on... it can’t be that boring can it?? :/

However, this goes to ALLLLLL the Chinese in the world, including those who are not Chinese but a part of it (get me??),


Credits to Google (as always ;p )

Anywayyyy! Though I’m not a Chinese (but I have it somewhere in my ancestor..hence my mother’s look), I kind of celebrated this CNY or you can call it a holiday with my mom and of course, my aunty! My uncle went back to his hometown, with Baby V (read: car). I miss Baby V soooooo much!!!

Today, the three of us went to have lunch at the Korean food stall at the food court in Mid. Our usual place. Actually, I don’t really feel like eating any.. Korean food at the moment. But since Ibu somehow persuade me to go... and knowing that she really was craving for that food, well, as a good daughter, I had to give in. hahah

Then, otw back, stop by at Starbucks cuz I was craving for the Mocha Frappucino. Almost went to the Starbucks at Plaza Masalam the other day with my dearest roommates, but no kaching that time, so had to wait. ahaha And I spent my evening today eating slices of fruit cake and the frappucino. Muahaha Heaven!~ :D

And  since it’s Friday night, lets baca Yaasin tonight!!

Buhbye people!! 

P.s.: Will update more pics later kayh?? <3


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