Mind Helping Me?

"Err.. I think I've seen you some time around here. I think I'm interested in you. What's your name?"
"Oh really? I'm ____ "

*Tepuk dahi* DAMN!

Last Thursday I saw you again. Before Writing class. You were sitting there with your friend, chit chatting. Probably you just had your roti impit since I can see papers of roti impit on the table.

Then I think he saw me/our group. Not tryna be vain here. Seriously. Cuz I was wearing the same blouse I saw him the first time at the bus stop. Maybe he just recognize me as the-stranger-I-saw-the-other-day.

I think I made a post about it before.. hmm. Oh. This is it. Come have a read!


I was embarrassed cuz I was running towards the bus when he was sitting there in the bus. DAMN. Malu.

Oh yeah. The conversation was just my imagination. Yeah. That's the thing with me.That's why I'm quiet. I have "THINGS" running in my mind.

If I go and talk to him:
I'll look like one crazy woman. A stranger yang tak tahu malu tiba-tiba nak cakap dengan strangers. Nak nak lagi kalau bagi tahu I'm interested in him. But that's good right? Being honest? But then... it's gonna be a few weeks je pun lagi if I were to 'tanggung malu' cuz after exam it's holiday and probably I'm not gonna be here again. Hmm.. I dunnoe.

If I don't go and talk to him:
I'll regret it later.

So, I wanna ask you dear readers out there, 
SHOULD I or SHOULD I NOT talk to him??

I'm clueless.


  1. nyna,ask la someone utk kenalkan you & him hehe :)
    well,I choose : TALK TO HIM! heheh Go Nyna Go!

  2. Masalahnya mimi, I don't think there are people whom I know, knows him. hahah But anyway, yeah, I think I'm gonna take the chance. Maybe. XD

  3. first, smile to him.
    next, smile again.
    then, smile again.
    then, the next time, he'll be asking your name :DD

  4. Syidah: Seriously Syidah???? :OOOOO


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)