Might Be A Misandry.

I thought of saying something. But what I learned from my mistake, I better not. Hmm. Accidentally found this in the net. Thought of sharing it with ya'll. heh. Have fun reading! Don't get offensive or defensive yea! Just sharing! Sharing is caring rightttt?? XD

A Real Man holds high ethical ideals without compromise.
A Real Man is emotionally balanced. He should be able to laugh and cry as he damn well please, and not give a shit what other people think of him.
A Real Man can be laughed -AT- as well as laughed -WITH- and not feel insulted, demeaned, or belittled. Words don't breat bones!
A Real Man shares his feelings with those he cares for.
A Real Man has grace under pressure and does not panic in a crisis.
A Real Man is responsible for his actions and inactions.
A Real Man takes on the burden of responsibility for those who -cannot- shoulder a responsibility themselves *providing* he is asked to and agrees.
A Real Man marries for life.
A Real Man surrenders his marriage gracefully if it does not work.
A Real Man loves and honors his spouse above all else.
A Real Man honors and respects *ALL* women, be she Queen or harlot.
A Real Man is sexually and emotionally responsive to his spouse or girlfriend.
A Real Man is attentive to his spouse sexually, paying attention to what pleases her and what does not.
A Real Man is one who respects his spouse's wishes when she says "Not tonight, dear." He does not whine, plead, or beg.
A Real Man understands that it is not his job or duty to please anyone other than himself, which includes his spouse, and which also includes his spouse sexually.
A Real Man desires to please his spouse and children before himself out of love and not guilt or a "sense of power".
A Real Man supports his spouse in her successes as well as failures.
A Real Man is kind to himself.
A Real Man does not lie.
A Real Man does not steal.
A Real Man does not cheat.
A Real Man is tolerant of dissenting opinion.
A Real Man is NOT tolerant of hate, bigotry, ignorance.
A Real Man never strikes child, woman, or man, for ANY reason, unless in self-defense.
A Real Man is well-educated.
A Real Man is well-read.
A Real Man is clean and well-groomed.
A Real Man can cook, clean, iron, wash dishes, change a diaper, and stay home while his spouse works for a living.
A Real Man is kind to animals and children. :-)
A Real Man helps those who ask for help.
A Real Man knows when to help someone who needs help but doesn't ask for it.
A Real Man does *not* help someone who needs help when asked not to.
 (I.e. a Real Man respects other's decisions).

Guys like you are the reason why we opt for Western men.

Thank you. I think I learned 1 new thing about me. Hee~

The fragile girl,

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