A Little Lesson At A Time

Hello ya’ll! Hope you’re all good. The weather is getting hotter these days. I guess it’s changing from rainy to sunny. Make sure you drink lots of water so that your body is able to adapt to the weather changes yea? :D

Sorry I couldn’t update much about me. Been busy. I mean, VERY BUSY. Seriously. Drama practice everyday. E-VE-RY-DAY. Most of us are getting sick; sore throat, flu, fever and fatigue. Wishing them to get well soon. J

I really really want to update my blogs, but I don’t really have the time, the energy, and the thoughts on what to update. haha Since I'm too tired; physically, mentally and emotionally, I need a good rest. Thank God tomorrow Maya gave us a day off. Phew~

 Assignments seem to love me. One after another. Felt like I enter this course not to STUDY, but to COMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS. No? I have... 4 blogs to update. Ambik engkau! 4 skali! XD Hmm. Maybe I’ll get more active once I’m done with the final exam for sure. My mom just told me that the final examination is on the 10th of March (until 18th March). Yeah, she’s the one who always told me important dates before hand to remind me to STUDY. Yes, I’m trying my best. So far, I’m pretty happy with my effort. But I need to put more effort in achieving what I want. :D

I want/craving/need this!

Personally, I think this sem, I’m more focused... and I think we learned a lot about the people around us, no? :D Well, we’re only 19 (damn. I can’t believe I’m 19. I still think I’m 16. LOL! HAHAHA). Life is still long ahead of us (Insya-Allah) and we’re still in the process of learning. Learning about life, about people, how to handle situations and such. We’re all growing up. I think the best way to do it is to take one step at a time. But not too slow ya? Time waits for no man. If you want it, go for it. Hmm.. how irony. Talking about wanting something.

"What you want is not necessarily what you need"

Looks like I have to fight this feeling. It's just a lust after all. XP


  1. good post nyna. im pretty busy myself. in fact, we all are. alhamdulillah, i didn't catch any sickness. :)

  2. Thanks yong! :D Yeah... we must take good care of ourselves. :D


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