It's Not The End

Sometimes I wonder what makes a person hurt when they’re smiling, laughing?
Talking as if I’m not one of them. Well, I’ve been trying to ignore some things. Ignorance is bliss.

You know when you’re taken into two different places, you don’t know what to do. Afraid what you do might be wrong and it could hurt others. It seems that someone will have to be hurt in every single thing we do. Nothing was ever right, nothing was ever wrong. But how are you suppose to
know what’s right if you never try, right? I don’t know. I myself am still confused.

Forgive me for my rants dear readers! To those who came to the final drama presentation that was held in INTEC Hall last few days, you know it was a two-days show that you’ll never regret coming! Especially watching my group’s drama *angkat kening 2x.. ehem ehem. Haha Overall, I’m really happy with all the groups’ performance. They were all great actors/actresses/crews! Seriously! IT.WAS.AWESOME! I have to say (and I’m trying not to be vain as much as I can here) that I’m really happy with our group performance! It was hell awesome! Hahah Seriously! :D

The Doctor
The Nurse - Liyana

Stage Manager (Naddy) & The Alter Ego Narrator (Rara)

The Egoistic Narrator (Muhaymin) and Denisa (Zaza)

The scary one is Munir, our Assistant Director. (Dah la mata sepet, buat mata macam tu, memang tak scary kan)

Did my individual drama presentation few days ago. I talked lil bit about my life... and I kinda talked about my uncle. My late uncle. Actually, what I told them was not till the end. I planned the ending was supposed to be:

I love him. I love my uncle. When nobody remembers my birthday, he would be the one who will remind the others about it. And he never forgot to give me presents. After months, I remember after this one night. I dreamed he came back to our house. He was standing there. And beside him was his wife. And I went over to him, I hugged him. I said,’ Where have you been? I miss you. I miss you so much!’ And I just hugged him. But he never spoke a word.

But looked at me now. I may not raised by a father, but I know my mother has taught me well to be a good daughter, a good human being with His help. And I’m trying to be better than yesterday every day. Look at me, I still am standing tall today. I may fall many times, but nothing can stop me from standing up again. Here’s to you Ayah De, I love you. I never told you this, but you know I love you. May your soul rest in peace, Ayah De. Al-fatihah.

Last few night, I thought about this. About losing your loved ones. And I’ve got a meaning from Him. It suddenly came to me:

The things that you love are your weaknesses. That’s why God takes the things that you love from you, to make you stronger.

Yesterday wasn’t my day. Today wasn’t Syidah’s day. She lost her charger. Basically, I don’t think this week was ever anybody’s week. haha Anyway, I’m very much happy that most of my works are done!

These are all DONE!

Grammar test 2
Literature test 2
Flowers for Algernon
Argumentative Essay
Presentation for A Woman of No Importance
Presentation on Book Review

Still.... What needs to be done, needs to be done!

In-class assignment (Grammar)
Test on phonetics
Basic Principles in Education Test
Presentation IS
Reading Test

Huahuahua! I’m sleepy. Think I’m gonna watch a movie then sleep. Qada’ tidur. Itu wajib.


  1. does doctor suppose to give her patient such a huge candy??? if yes,, i want some too

  2. Hahaha THAT doctor is a psycho doctor. Unless you're a psycho patient, sure the doctor can give you some. ;D


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