What If...

Hey hooooooo there!!

Was having lunch just now. And since I have to puasa telinga until the next time my mother will come to Mawar with my MP4, yeah, I'm MP4less now. Hmm. And so, having lunch with nothing to listen to, got me thinking. Or at least, day dreaming.

What if...

I sing Peacock during the asasi TESL dinner????
*imagine me singing this*
 I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock

Your peacock, cock

Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock
I want the jaw droppin, eye popin, head turnin, body shockin
(Uh, uh, oh, Uh, uh, uh, oh)


What if I sing it and then there're people who actually show their peacock in the public???
MAJOR concern.....


That's why... I need my MP4. Ibu, please bring it back to me. That's my lifeeeeeeeeeee. hahah



What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)