I don't feel good.
My body feels hot.
I checked my body temperature just now. It shows 38. Which means one degree higher than the normal body temperature. 
I don't wanna be sick. This week is EXAM WEEK!
My body doesn't feel right.
My stomach..
I'm having nausea. 
Nak muntah. Perut macam masuk angin.
Ibu just called. And I cried. Haih. Anak manja betul. 
I'm 19 but still act like I'm 8. LOL
Tiba-tiba teringin nak makan bubur ayam Ibu masak. Hmm. This is not good. 
I feel weak. I don't like this feeling. I don't like to be weak. 
Weak is not in my name. 
I'm supposed to be STRONG, like what my name means; Dayana.
I want to eat, but I don't really have the appetite to do so and  I don't know what to eat. 

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