Not So Wishlist

I know I'm back when my brain keeps giving me new words everyday. It just came.

Not gonna tell you what's my new year resolution! :P

I went browsing through the shelves in the library, of course at the INTEC Library. And I thought, man! There're so many books that I'd love to read. I'd love to spend some time reading them, just gaining extra knowledge of things, little things, things that's not really my cup of tea. That would definitely be something.. pleasant? For me, it is. :)

Ibu didn't believe when I said this year the degree students intake will start in September. I said, 'Yes, it's true! The officer who gave us explanation for UPU application from The Higher Education Minister told us!'. Still, being the typical Ibu, she didn't believe. And I gave up in convincing her. Haha Yesterday, she came into my room telling me 'Nina, tahun ni budak-budak degree masuk bulan 9. Lama la cuti macam tu'. And then I gave her I-told-you-so look. 'Kan Nina dah cakap hari tu? Ibu tak percaya'. Ibu denies the fact that I've told her. Oh well, maybe she's forgotten. Age factor. haha

I thought during those long break after we finish our final exam for our LAST sem in this Asasi TESL in UiTM Shah Alam, if I were to work, I will work and hopefully use the money for good purposes other than shopping. Haha! Oh yeah! Since I have a lot of time later on, I'm thinking it'll be a good start for me to maybe start doing mini business?? I don't know. Ibu approved the idea. I just need the time and maybe, money. :))

Also, now that I can drive (well, not really), but at least I got the license already (Hip hip hurray!!) I thought that maybe every week I can go to the ehem ehem. In time, I should be able to complete my mission. Provided that I discipline myself. Of course.

Oh yeah! And I told Ibu that I was thinking of going to Kinokuniya or any big bookstore for a day. I mean, A WHOLE DAY. Just me and myself and the books. I wanna spend some time reading books that I find it quite expensive to buy or maybe not that worth it for me to own it since I probably will only read it once. Few days ago, I went to MPH. And I realized, I'm not really interested in cheesy, silly, romance story anymore. I realized that I searched for novels with deep meaning, immense message and must I say, a bit of a heavy read. I want to read a book that triggers me to think. Especially, if possible, about the irony of the world. The irony of people.

Hmm. And maybe spend some time at Coffee Bean or Starbucks or Dome either at KL Sentral or KLCC, just watching people. I mean, observe people. I love to do that. I love to see the reaction, trying to read what they're thinking, what kind of person they are. It's just.. fun. It's like stalking. But not really stalking. hahah


  1. sounds fun nyna...wish i could join u...

  2. Nashra: Yeah! Been wanting to do it since ages! haha I'm sure it would be more fun if you do it there! :D


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