The Man In The Cap

I remember it was a Tuesday evening. We just finished our Drama class and I went straight to do my Asar prayer in the surau at Level 1. Then, I waited with Asy and Zaza. While waiting, I was a bit worried about the bus. Are we gonna get a bus at this hour? Sure there is a bus, but how long do I have to wait for the next bus? That’s the question. Nevertheless, I waited patiently and  by 6.50, (if I’m not mistaken) Asy, Zaza and I, we head to the bus stop.

Upon reaching there, I saw 2 men standing at the left side of the bus stop. One man with a cap and the other is his friend I guess. The moment I get into the bus stop, I saw he’s looking at me. Of course la, we always look who’s coming to the bus stop, or... is it just me? Haha Nah. Never took that look seriously pun. No worries. Those who know me should know I’m not that easily flattered. Then I saw him. Hmm.. To me, he seems nice. Nice height. I think, around daddy’s height. Tough body (read=sufficient muscle=yummy. LOL). I’d say just okay la. Hihi And he wears a cap too! Hmm, I think he’s a... shy guy? Down to earth perhaps? And... he seems like uncomfortable being around people? Not really a people person la. Ermmm.. In my opinion, the cap indicates a barrier, or (slightly like) a wall between him and the people around him. Cuba Tanya Haziq kenapa die pakai cap? Haha

I don’t know. That’s just an assumption or what professional people call ‘First Impression’. Tehee~

Today, saw him again. At cafe gagak. Hihi I was eating alone at that time. Listening to my MP4 while trying to make myself eat so that the meds that I’m about to swallow can land safely in my  stomach without having to get acidified ‘violently’ by my stomach juice. Eh, ye ke? It’s been awhile since I left Science though. Haha

I chose to sit at the back of the cafe cuz there was an empty table. Thank God, I thought. After eating for some time, while zipping my bags, I looked on my right. And poof! There he was looking at me. Or maybe he was just looking something behind me. I couldn’t really see his face cuz he was wearing a cap. And I couldn’t care less. I’m trying not to be so vain in this matter. Cuz who am I la kan? Haha There were only him and his one friend sitting in front of him. When I saw him looking at me (as if. Haha), I quickly look down on my bag and just continue eating like I never saw him. Finished eating, I looked around me and went to pay at the counter. And so I went to the TESL square and never saw him again. That is... till now.

That cap made him look mysterious. I like mysterious guys. They turn me on. Ulala~ hahah Okay I think I’m having Faliq’s disease and I better STFU now. Haha

 Oh yeah. And I would like to take this opportunity to tell people that; No, I don’t have any crush to any TESLians now. And please don’t be mistaken me liking or having a crush to any TESLians. Don’t be so vain, okay? Haha If so, not anymore. Cuz I found out that he’s rather a bore. HAR HAR! LOL. Seniors or even among us Asasi TESLians. Nanti jangan dah tau Oh...Nyna Roxford suka laki yang pakai topi tu. Tengok-tengok kot ada laki yang pakai topi kat sini!’ Hahah Don’t trouble yourself dear.  I’ve never seen him around this faculty. I doubt that ya’ll notice him. He’s usually (as in I only seen him twice. Haha!) wears dark coloured clothe.. with his cap on. And being low profile. Can’t even hear his voice. It's okay dear. Don't be shy with me... I won't eat you. Ehehe.. 

Wow. It’s been a while since I last talk about this love thingy, crush thingy in this blog aite? Cuz I spill it out in my other blog. Those who know, will know.

Still, I only like my local George (itu pun on and off. Nampak sangat tak ready nak attached ngan anybody. No wonder still single. And happy! Haha :D ) and waiting for my international George. HA HA! 

P.s.: I shall name him TMITC if I were to talk about him again. XD Or maybe MG (Mysterious guy). haha Or maybe Eric. Cuz he looks like someone with the name Eric. LOL

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