Hoping This Is The Turning Point

I’m listening to this song while imagining myself doing the dance like Maya Karin did in The Natrah when she was confused in between Islam and Christian. Yes, I feel like torn into two. But not in terms of religion. Thank God. Just now in bus, I couldn’t really smile. I don’t know how should I take this. I almost cried in the bus. But I told myself, not now Nina. Not now. Not here.

I’m tired. I’m just tired. My body is tired. My soul is tired. My mind is tired. I feel so helpless. I have not eat anything yet. The last time I ate was at 11am. As I’m writing this it’s 6pm. So... you can do the calculation yourself of how many hours I’ve not eaten anything. Yes, I’m dieting. But this is not because of dieting and I don't do dieting this way. I don’t feel like eating. Yes, I bought a plastic full of mee hoon with a fried egg. Zhafa just opened her nasi ayam in front of me. Sadly, I don’t even feel tempted to eat. Instead, I feel like bursting into tears. My stomach is killing me, blackmailing me to eat with its thunder wind striking in my tummy. Heh. What a metaphor. Lol. It’s 6.34pm now. Should I eat?

Yes. Maybe I should.
It's raining outside. Damn

People might not understand why I said please don't mention his name.
People might not understand why I smile.
People might not understand why it's so easy to say rather than doing it.
People might not know what I know.

P.s.: Gonna keep continue faking my laughter by watching the hilarious kitten acts. Just for the sake of myself. They say laughter is the best medicine right? *Shrugs*


  1. i understand, though i don't exactly know how does it feel..

    just be strong dear..
    shit does happen kan? :)

  2. FA: Yes, shit does happen. Thanks dear.. :')

    Izni: Don't be.. lets make ourselves happy!! :D (though I'm still figuring how. haha)

  3. kakak sygg, sabar.. tru ur words, i knew wht u feel rite now.. just be as fun as usual occay!

  4. don't do like that again ye nyna. or else sakit nanti susah. taw? :)


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