Hellooooooo readers!!!! How are you??? Hihihi

Tonight I'm a bit high..dunnoe why. Nothing exciting happened pun. Well, being alone in the room for a couple of hours did me some good I guess. hihi

Now, I wanna share with you something that happened on New Years Eve. The night when the TESLians got so excited with the numbers and eventually we all got confused with the number. We're never that good with numbers. See, that's one of the reason why we took Teaching ENGLISH as a Second LANGUAGE (TESL). HAHAHA

Most of the comments.. biasa-biasa je. Everything puji-pujian je.. haha Nothing out of the ordinary. Except one, Zulfahmi said he thought I wasn't a good person. I appreciate that honesty. I am not that nice pun. Haha

Anyway, some of the comments I find interesting are:

My twinnnn!!!

Oh. I didn't know muka I garang. haha
*spanish accent* Mucha gracias senior! ;D

Found this though. Very funny! Hahah
Boleh pulak bermadah bunga kat situ.. hahah!

-.- 3rd person to say I look like a Mexican. XD

Every time when people tell me they like my blog, I will open it and take a look at it, and I shook my head. Nope. Not interesting to me. hahaha! Anyway, thank you though! :D
This one is also funny. haha
I feel like; Going through the ABC before I actually reach Z. haha
Err.. dear, I think you've mistaken me for the wrong person. I'm very much quiet actually. But that's okay. You were here for a short while pun. Excused. ;D

Tqqqq....!! Yeah! I do like my Tumblr! :D
Nothing much to say except, <3 you dear!!!! 
U~ I really represent sunshine didn't I? 

Hmm. That's all. I'm too lazy to put all. Overall, people say I'm;
Loves to smile
Look mature
Red lipstick, sexy
Very teacher-ish??? (Err, I hope that word exist. haha)

Basically, what I wanna say is, no, I'm not nice. Some, comment macam nak tak nak je. Haha Actually, I wanna say something. But I'm afraid what I say will offend others. Hmm. I'm going to say this; but please, don't take it to heart.  Okay? Actually,  I would rather much like it if you could criticize me instead of giving me these bullshit (to me, it is. I don't think I'm what people said; nice, etc.)compliments. Criticize me. Tell me what I did wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong. Insya-Allah, I'll take your opinion with open mind and heart and that way, you can help me become a better person. But that doesn't mean I'll change directly just for you. No no. Of course I'll analyze it first then adjust it to the right 'volume'. I welcome any encouraging criticism. :)

I really appreciate all the comments. Thank you very much for commenting. I really really do appreciate it. Thank you for your time, thank you for your effort, and most of all, thank you for your words. :))

P.s.: What do I care if it's an old story?? I wanna share, I tell. You don't wanna read, you get off. :))

P.p.s: Whatever you wanna say, I'm just sharing my story. :)


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