Happy 1st Anniversary!!

There’s a reason behind every event that happened. Or the most, reasons.
Truly, I believed that. Nothing was ever created, things nor situation for fun’s sake.

Good day dear readers! Nyna Roxford is back! Well, at least half back. Haha LOL I think, it’s been 3 posts in a row that I’ve been talking about how sick I was. Well, I was sick. And still recovering. Never mind what ever happened during those sickening time. Haha All I know now, is I’m back to fight for whatever that needs to be fight! Ye-haaa!!! :DD

So, dear readers, know the reason why I blog today? Sure you don’t. Today is my 1st blog anniversary!!! Yeayyy!!! Happy 1st Birthday Fell. Stand Up. Smile! =)!!! And in conjunction with my blog’s anniversary, I will tell you all the whys about my talking blog and some things about the webmistress herself. ;D

Why Fell. Stand Up. Smile! =)?

Life is a circle. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we run. The word Fell is to represent the moment when I fell from any of the obstacles that I face in life. My problems. My down moments. Stand Up is to show that despite the fact that I fell, I’ll stand up and continue again whatever I’m doing. Not giving up. And Smile means that I take my down moments as my lesson, learn from it, cherish it as that will what makes me who I am in the future and embrace it. To accept failure is another step to success. Hence, I smile. =)

Why ninablogistalking.blogspot?

I write (figurative meaning), and you read. The medium between me and you dear readers out there is the blog. Thus, it is my blog that’s doing the talking. Oh. And btw, it's nina blog IS talking, not stalking. If you get what I mean. ;)

My favourite part of the blog:

I love to know places where my readers are from! 

This, is actually the place where I put my links.. of ME, singing these songs. The links will lead you to my Tumblr, cuz you can post audio in Tumblr. Unlike in Blogger. Ops! XP (Tak boleh blah letak hot kat situ! Marketing people! Marketing! LOL)

Cuz I love baking.

Same reason.

I remember I used to be so thankful to my readers (and I still am!) for visiting my blog and I'd make a special post whenever the number reaches hundreds! haha hmm. Maybe I should just use the one with the Total Pageviews as I believe that is more accurate compared to the one in the bottom.

Ada iras Kim Kardashian sikit tak?? Hahahaha Aku tau aku perasan. Who cares~ Durrhhh XD

And now, for those who knew me personally, I’m sure ya’ll be wondering, why Nyna Roxford?
Honestly, I myself couldn’t really remember how I came to the name Roxford. But for all I know, that name, brings me the meaning, the image and the sense of an educated, rich, business, British family in the 18th century. Ya know.. with all the gowns that made as if your boob about to burst out. Haha But I think those were the days where the gentlemen exists perhaps? Haha

Things you need to know:

Now, the reason why I put that title is to mainly state my wishlist. I don’t wanna put it as ‘Here’s my wishlist’ or ‘Wishlist!!~’. That’ll sound dull, don’t you think so? Hmm. Instead of putting it like that, I put it the way as how I put it before. Sound catchy doesn’t it? Haha Perasan je Nina ni! XDAnyway, to those who jumped into the conclusion that I’m a gold digger, congratulations! You just fell into the trap! That just show how narrow minded you are. You don’t even know me, yet you’re judging me with what I show. Hmm. I learned that people are all like onions. They have this layers and layers of skin that they put before themselves. Almost as a camouflage, for many purposes I believe. To struggle, to adjust to their environment, and believe me, those with the rebellious or hard rock look are mostly with the soft heart and vice versa. They are more than what we see. So am I. And so are you, no?

Actually there are more, but I think I'll update them later. XP

To my faithful dear readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG!! Though sometimes I post stupid things. Hehe

Before I end this post with my signature (as usual. Haha), I’d like all of you (ceh, macam ada banyak sangat orang yang baca blog aku!) please do try listen to this. It’s fun! And scary at the same time. Trust me! You’ll be amazed with it! :D I had such a memorable time listening to it. I’m sure you too. (whisper: hopefully) haha But first, get your headphones or earphones or whateva you call it on!!

Surprise! Surprise!

P.s.: Sorry, this was suppose to be yesterday's post, but I was so busy with the assignments and what not, had to 'postpone' it for a while. :))

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