Someday we shall know. The truth will reveal itself. Someday you'll believe what I said. Someday you'll come and lick your spit. Someday they'll see. Who holds the truth. For I.. I will only sit and watch. I can see it. I can feel it. No words needed to cover it up. Words are the best camouflage for truth. I need not to ask you anymore. Your action, your words, your voice, the way you look, it reveals more than what you think you portrayed. Pretend! Go on and pretend! Pretend as if you're the brightest angel. Pretend as if I'm the devil. I shall not give you my fear. I fear you not. You are not worth my fear. It's okay... it's okay. I shall sit here and watch. Till how far, how true the truth can come out of your filthy mouth. As I sit, I shall act like an airhead. To see how far you shall reveal the truth. Deep inside my heart, I'm smiling in satisfaction. I put on my evil grin, if you may say. *smirk*

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