Nothing big, really.

My Tumblr blog just got another follower and I'm so happy. It changed from this:

to this

See the difference?? 

And most importantly, GET WHAT I MEAN?????? LOL XD

No, it's not about how many followers I have. That's little compared to what others have. I know. But the number. I was like, phew!~ when the number 70 came. hahahah I know. Drama queen kan?LOL Told ya, nothing big pun. XP

Anyway, had a chat with one of my dearest friends. Kinda hate it when this happens.

The one in the chat box. I was like, wtf. If he's here I would catch him and force him to tell me now. Urghhhh WHAT A TORTURE!!

Oh yeah! Btw, this blog has 49followers. (As you can see). I'm waiting for the lucky 50th follower.

If you're a girl, I'll send you the biggest hugs EVER through air. :D

If you're a guy, I'd date you. XD

Cheers! Happy weekend! Don't forget your assignments peeps! And prayer too! ;D


P.s.: Po'e just told me. Actually it's about Asma' mother is teaching him. hahaha 

P.p.s.: I can mean it and I can mean the other way round. ;) *coloured text*

P.p.p.s.: If you still can get it, the clue is; Sex. *Tumblr*

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