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Happy Saturday everyone!!! :D

Blogwalking just now. Felt like, urgh. When will I post another good post?? Heh. Never mind. I’ll make a good one when I make one. LOL.

What I’m about to share with you, most of you might not understand this. Read with an open mind and open heart. 

Ya know.. last Wednesday, I was wondering what should I have for my dinner. Yeah, though I actually still don’t have my appetite. I’m just eating simply because I don’t want to suffer again for not having anything in my stomach for more than a couple of hour.

It’s like, you’re eating but you’re not.
It’s like, you’re breathing but you’re not living.

Get me?? Haha So, I was thinking of having something... different. Nasi dagang came to mind. But the problem was, where am I gonna get a nice nasi dagang here??? I thought, never mind la. If I really wanna have it, I’ll go find nasi dagang with Ibu in the weekend.

Reached INTEC for our Islamic Studies class, just to know that it was cancelled half an hour before, and waited another 4 hours for Basic Principles in Education class. Waited for another half an hour and came to know at 5p.m., class was cancelled. AGAIN. So that day, I particularly went to INTEC just to know class was cancelled last minute. Great kan? Well, at least, I sent my assignments already! Hee!~

Got on UiTM bus, head back to Mawar. I decided to go to DC, to find something to eat. As I was walking, I saw what seem to be the menu of nasi kerabu. Immediately the mak cik said to me ‘Dik, nasi dagang dik?’. (Cuz they usually sell nasi kerabu with nasi dagang). And out of joy I bought one. Yeay!!! Thank God!!

Credits to Google

I was really hoping that there was no Listening and Speaking class yesterday. I don’t know why. I got it all almost ready. But when it comes to the night before, the night that I had to do my presentation, I became very nervous. Like, the OHMYGOD OHMYGOD nervous. When I told Ibu, she said (tegur actually), ‘Ape la Nina ni, orang Ya Allah Ya Allah, die OMG OMG’.   Hee~

I got the points ready, but I don’t know why I did research last minute. Again. Which made me feel scared but secured a bit. I planned to practice with Zhafa, she being the audience. But then, she went to her sister’s house cuz there was no electricity in the building, since 9am till around 8pm (also ruined my plan for the day =.=). I was more nervous when I had nobody to practise with. I texted Asy, but she didn’t reply. Called her, she didn’t answer. She replied almost late night. Anyway, thanks for comforting me. J Really appreciate it. :)

Then I decided to do more research. Just to make sure that I know more about it. When I’m about to go to sleep, I was praying to God, please, God please. Let not tomorrow my presentation please. I’ll promise I’ll do better. Closing my eyes, biting my lips, saying it in my heart, repeatedly. How I wish it was. I couldn’t sleep. And if I can, I wasn’t sleeping like a baby. And then, in the morning, guess what?? Mdm Ros was on MC!!! Though I shouldn’t be happy that she was sick, but I was happy for the fact that that means I can do my presentation on Monday!! Yeay!!! Now, that’s a promise to God that I must do my best. Hmm. With me going home, at least I can practice with my mom. My best judge and commentor. Hehehe

While sitting at the TESL square, I saw this one girl (I don’t remember who), she brought out Tupperware with kek Sarawak I think. I suddenly remember the delicious green kek Sarawak Ibu bought and I would ate it with milk. HEAVEN!~  And out of nowhere, Izzul came out  of nowhere and said, ‘Korang makan la. Ni ada lebih budak2 Korea tu punya’. And I was like, ohmygod! Ibarat bulan jatuh ke riba. Hahaha Thank God!~

Eh jap, suppose Alhamdulillah... not thank God (though I mean the same; to Allah). Hehe I really am grateful. I actually felt touched that Allah actually listened to what I was wishing, gave me what I want, right there and then. I really must be grateful. I am. Thank you, Allah. :))))

I’ve read this somewhere saying that, no matter how much we love anyone here on this earth, that is just 1% of how much God loves us. Can you imagine how much Allah loves us? It’s huge. Unimaginable. Subhanallah. May we are blessed by Him, and guided to the right path till we are called again.

P.s.: I’m actually doing quite fine without my MP4. Haha

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