I Love You, Ibu

3 days of 2011. I still feel like I'm in 2010.

Hello there my dearest readers! How's 2011 doing ya? I hope you're embracing it as much as I'm still trying to. haha

Well, I hope it's still not to late for me to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 

Sorry I couldn't find back the pics I intended to put here. Just so you could at least feel the wish I'm wishing you. haha

Anyway, how's your celebration? Good? Excellent? Not so good? Well, everyday is a new day, new year from last year's day. Err, get what I mean? Never mind if you don't. haha

Hmm.. It's definitely gonna take a while for me to adjust myself to the 2011 atmosphere. January... a month of celebration... but also the The Month.. The Day. Quite a lot of celebration.

Oh yeah! Just so you know, it was my mother's birthday on 1st of January. Yeah, she's so lucky that the whole world celebrates her birthday. As if.. *mocking face* hahah No lah! Kidding. :P

Yeah! The woman that means everything to me. I love her so much that if she's not here, I don't know how I'm gonna live. She's like.. my other half. She's my everything. She's the only person I have in this world. She's the only person who will love me for who I am, no matter what mistakes I did. My God! I'm crying! And I'm in the INTEC library. Nah, Idc if I cry in here.

Yes, the woman who looks like a chinese. Hahah Yet, she's my mother. I envy her chinese look. Because, in reality, in my opinion, you have that extra point if you have that chinese look here in Malaysia. She's the best mom in the world. She's so kind that sometimes I think I don't deserve a mom like her. But I'm sure God sent her to me for reasons. And I think I can see it now.

Dear readers, meet my mother! :D

We're mother and daughter! :D
We don't look the same don't we?? Hahah I picked this picture because I like that smile. Hahah! She's really one awesome mother I tell ya! She's someone I share, tell, ask anything! I can share my thoughts about guys, whom I like, she knows everything! We're not just like any mother and daughter ordinary relationship. Our love rely on each other. We need each other.

I was so childish, selfish back then. Now I know why when she got mad at me at times. It was for my own good. And usually what she's mad of is usually what I'm supposed to do. She's my mover. She push me to go beyond my limit. To achieve success. Not just academically, but also as a human. Now whenever she nags at me, I sometimes can smile or sometimes even laugh because I know she nags because she loves me.

What matters to her, matters to me too. Except on some things. ahaha If I wanna buy anything, I'd ask for her opinion. Ever since I knew that if we choose something that our mother likes, it'll be more berkat, I asked her opinion first in most things! Stuffs, relationships, anything! And I value her opinion. Of course, my mother kann.. :D

Seriously, I don't know what I'd be or how I'll be if she's not here. She's my everything. I don't need any other worldly thing, I don't need any other expensive shoes, good quality handbag. Those things don't matter if I don't have my mother. My mother=my everything. Though we sometimes argue on certain things, still, blood is thicker than water. :)) I don't need any other thing, just her. I don't need to celebrate or have a fiesta, having her with me to celebrate my birthday is a gift I can never ask for more from God. Thank you Allah for giving me this mother.

If we're about to separate in this world, I wish I could meet you again in the hereafter life. I know you want to experience snow shower. I'll try my best to make that dream come true. But if I can't, I'll pray that you have a better, the most beautiful snow in heaven later. I know Allah will give you one day.

I love you, Ibu. More than you can ever imagine. You are my life.

Your only daughter,

P.s.: I cried in INTEC. I have tissues in my hand! :O


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