Thoughtful Start Ends With Laughter

Today was indeed a wonderful day. Start the day with a thoughtful class from Islamic Studies class and wrapped up the day with lots of good laugh in the Drama class.

Despite the tons of assignments we got for our Islamic Studies class, or better known as IS class, I kinda love Ustazah Mahfuhzah's class. I don't really care if she's grumpy but yeah, I do get kinda scared when she's having a mood swing. So far, for the second sem, I don't think I ever got scared by her. Yet. hahaha

And today, we discussed about Education in Islamic Perspective. Not gonna talk much on it. But I came across to this thought: The western education focuses only on physical, mental and emotional development, but not spiritual. Because they claim that spiritual is something that you can't see. So there's no need to 'look' at something you can't see. I wonder, can you see mind? I mean, MIND?? No, you can't. But you believe in your mind right? You think with your mind right? Unless you're a mad person you won't be reading this. Simple and cliche example; wind. Can you see wind? No. Can you feel it? Yes. Can you see the effect of wind on things? Yes. Same goes with spiritual. You can't see, but you can feel. You can't touch, but you can see the effect; YOU. Whenever you feel empty, like you've lost connection with God, you feel like there's something wrong, you don't feel right, always remember to go back to Him. I remember I read this from somewhere;

Remember Allah and you will be at peace. 

Yes. And if you can actually see, you can see how God actually communicate with you in every way possible. Given a situation where you need to find a parking place, real quick cuz you need to perform your prayer before time's up, and you said in your heart 'Oh God, please, please let me find a place to park so I can perform my prayer'. And soon enough, you'll find a place to park your car. It's true. Really. At least, to me. Maybe you should try it and tell me later. You'll find that you'd always want to find a way to communicate with Him back. But no worries, if you remember Him always, He'll always be close to you as close to your heartbeat. :))

Yeahhhh... IS class always got me thinking philosophically and give me blooming ideas, open my eyes to new perspectives of life over and over again, and it made me thought Ustazah Mahfuhzah is a great person indeed. I wonder how much knowledge she has. And if possible I wanna dig more knowledge from her. From Allah. How Your knowledge has never fail to make me amused. Subhanallah..

And so the academic class ended with drama class. It was funny as we were kinda having discussion about crotches.. rape.. how-pathetic-yet-still-want-us-to-support-them Malay movies and dramas (Which was so interesting).. hot guys and girls.. and not to forget Michael Jackson.

Miss Sally was even talking about Raja something and I don't think it was Raja Gopal. I just listened and listened as she was saying something about flip la.. with all the sound effects; zipppp, swoshhh! and I wrote a small note to Syidah asking what is she talking about??? From Macbeth to Rajapebendatah. Blurblur! LOL!

And guess what?? We were given only TEN MINUTES, yes, TEN FREAKING MINUTES to prepare for a 3-5 minute drama with a group. And I was in the same group with Hakim, Faiz and Zaza. We were like, damn what are we gonna talk about. And we were lack of idea. And finally Faiz gave out the idea; Brokeback Mountain. Hahahaha If you don't know the movie, please, Google it. And you may want to watch it. LOL!! Hahaha

The story was, I was married to Hakim and Zaza was married to Faiz. While we were shopping, walking around, suddenly bumped into (which reminds me of our writing class. It's not 'accidentally bumped into' but just 'bumped into' cuz the word accidentally and bumped into almost give the same meaning) each other and we had dinner together. And later Zaza went to the toilet. I followed her. It's a girl's thing. LOL. Then when I came in, I saw them (our hubbies. ehem. XD) were holding hands with each other. hahahahhaha The audience said they got grossed out cuz it look so real!! What with all the touching.. the white skin la.. the bicep.. the seeing him unshirt.. LOL. Faiz sure knows how to be gay! Hahahah Faiz jangan marah. Joking joking! XD Then I came in, shocked to see the action. I pretended that I got a call from our daughter. Blah! Hahaha Got to go home. Then at home, we had fight, I asked him whether it's true or not he was gay. And I was like, HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO HAVE A FIGHT?????!!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! AND IT'S HAKIM!! WE BARELY TALK TO EACH OTHER. NAK EYE CONTACT PUN SUSAH!!! LIKE OH.MY.GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Hahaha Called Zaza, asking her to meet somewhere and tell her that our husband are actually gay. Ohmygod... when I think about it, -.-. Then they continue to be gay. How sad kan?? XD

Seriously. I don't know whether they see my weakness or strength in it. Haha Never mind. It's been a while since I last perform anything in front of a group of people, let alone in a crowd. Sangat lama. Well, tak de la lama sangat. A year ada kot.. Better than yearS, no? ;D

Hahaha Overall, we had such a wonderful time in the class. Faliq's acting was funny. 'I can be more than a woman can be you knowwww' in his gedik style. LOL XD And Eina was the cruel woman. She keep hitting Rara, acting like her mother. Rara looks so cute acting like a mother! They had cat fights, which was a pleasant scene for most of the guys I think, but scary enough for me. XD Munir apa kes hate Britishhhh??? LOL XD

Lets see tomorrow. I think it's something classical. Maybe will be dancing to Saya Chemburu along with Syidah, Aainaa and Haziq. XD

You'll see.

Nyte uols!! Eh. Morning! hihihi

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