Surprise Surprise!~ ;D

To tell you the truth, I don't really know about my sexual orientation. Sometimes, I think I'm not attracted to men. (Which I think one of the main reason why I'm still single. haha) Even to the handsome men. Remember when I said, DARE ME! Bring me the most handsome man on earth, put him in front of me, and lets see whether I'll fall for him or not. Cuz I know I wouldn't. Maybe I'm used to seeing handsome men around me so I don't really get all excited whenever I see those creatures. I hate handsome guys who think they're so damn good looking (though some of them are) and it just shows thru their act. Arrogant. Sometimes, I simly adore women. I think they're beautiful. Really. They're gracious.. I canand they sometimes understand us more than men. Hmm.. I don't know whether I'm straight or a les. Or maybe a bi. I don't know. Oh dear..  Am I a Les? Or a Bi???

Hold on. I wanna laugh for a sec.


I thank you all for commenting. Thank you for tegur-ing me. Okay. That sounds like tergoreng. hahaha I really really thank you. That shows that you still care for me. You don't want to see me... astray. Thank you, I really appreciate that. :'))

When I read back, I can definitely imagine each and everyone's facial expression and the tone in their voice. Especially Malina. Hahaha I can imagine her with her big eyes, looking at me, FLABBERGASTED perhaps. I can imagine Melle in her ways, 'Hoih'-ing at me. haha And Syidah, shaking her head while saying her TM. haha Oh yeah. Speaking of TM, sorry, I didn't know that that was Malina's trademark. Was only trying to... 'get the feel into character'. LOL XD

However, thru this I know who really know me well. Those who know me should know that I'm never out of straight (please God, save me don't ever let me fall into that). Though sometimes I say I really wanna get drunk. But that doesn't I must drink. I can get drunk just by not having enough sleep. I can get drunk just by getting hyper.Get what I mean?? :D Like Zhafa said..I'm unpredictable. Hahah Yes, I am. I can be unbelievable and ridiculous at the same time, but I know where my stand is. And by this also, you know where you stand. This include those who didn't comment but rather just watch from the screen and jumping into your own sweet conclusion about me. :)) Gentle reminder, you can always ask me anything in my Formspring box ya, I made that personally (thanks to the applicaton. haha) for ya'll to ask me anything, ANYTHING THAT COMES TO MIND, ANYTHING YOU WANNA ASK ME: be it personal or studies or relationship or whatever issues because I don't want you to jump into conclusion about me or anyone/anything else. Hahah It's better for you to have a lot of opinion and come to a conclusion that is suited or adjusted to your own situation. :)

Okay, I didn't mean to promote my Formspring here. Haha It's just that, I had such fun seeing the reaction but scared at the same time too. haha

You may know

but you may not know


 Hey, 2010 is coming to an end! 
*with that Pink in the Raise Your Glass tone, credits to Syidah for introducing me the song*



  1. nama aku ada yeah ! and lagu pink tu memang bet kan?? :D

  2. haha nyna2,I pon selalu pikir laki hensem bajet bagos jgk,hehe :D xpe nyna,tu semua cobaann~ hehe

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  4. hahahah!!! I like the way u write, girl.

  5. Syidah: haha ha'ah. :D

    Mimi: Exactly!~ Haha Yeah.. mari kita bersabar menempuh dugaan tu. haha

    Diaries: Thanks yo! ;D

  6. Diaries: Anyway, what did you write on the 1st comment, before you posted the second one? Just wondering.. haha


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