Okay. This has totally got my tummy turn upside down and released all the purple butterflies I kept carefully in that bottle. Seriously. I'm scared.

Can you see it?? 

Okay. Maybe you couldn't see it. Here's the up close one. Take a careful look at it.

Now, can you see it??


Okay, I know those words don't belong to me at all in the first place. But being me, I can't help to get all scared and I DON'T KNOW WHAT OTHER ADJECTIVE I CAN USE TO DESCRIBE THIS TERROR OF MINE!! 

It's an anon who asked this question to Kak Lin. I don't know whether it's a he or a she. :/

But... but! That phrase are words that I use for my blog. The name of my blog. Since day one! Since the day this blog was born!! Figuratively of course. haha

To you who are reading this, if you have any clue, AT ALL, please, do tell me. I've made my account able for the ANONYMOUS to comment. So, if you're scared or whatsoever to tell me, you can always comment as an anon. Please. If you're just using my blog name as a camouflage, please, by all means, JUST LET ME KNOW.  I'm not gonna eat you. I'm not gonna be mad at you.

P.s.: Or maybe I'm just being too paranoid?? :/ 

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