A Not So Break

I’m deleting my local George. Haha He’s being so vain. Well, on what reason and right do I have to say he’s being vain? I barely know him. I don’t know. Instinct never lies. Sometimes, in most cases, you have nobody else but yourself to trust.

When hunches are not just hunches.
When instinct is another voice that you rely other than your going-insane mind and your broken heart.

To be honest with you, I really don’t feel like celebrating new year. I don’t know why... (Okay, I lied. I know why. Just don’t feel like making that statement here)

After what happened.. again!
Plus, tons of assignments.. I mean like, this is a MID-SEM BREAK! 

Please please please.. I just need a getaway. I need to go somewhere far far away from here. Jeez. Maybe I shoud’ve packed myself up and perhaps cast a magic spell for me to become very tiny and flew away with Nashra to D.C. And later maybe I can meet up with President Barack Obama and ask him to donate some money to Malaysia. Oh no. Correction. Donate some money to my family.

Yes, yes we just got the allowance. I mean, the asasi students. But still, being a human, GREEDY human, we always want more, we want more to fulfil our desire, our wish, our... lust for the world. I want nothing more than to make my mother happy. I want to bring her to see the snow again. For that’s her only wish. For the world.

Seriously, I think I’m getting a headache just thinking about these assignments.

Let me tell you what assignments I have, pending:

Listening & Speaking
Demonstrative Speech
I personally think my topic is interesting enough. Just need to make the speech interesting. 
  1. Construct a speech.
  2. Practice!

Make a poem of:
  1. About the things that I like
  2. Haiku
  3. Limerics

Basic Principles of Education:
  1. Set questions.
  2. Interview Mak Long.
  3. Make the draft for the... folio(?)

Islamic Studies:
1. Make a poster/mind map, consisting of: 
    -Sources of knowledge
    -Aim of education
    -1st World Conference on Muslim Education 1977
     -Some verses from the Qur'an
2. Make a storyboard for short film (with your groupmate, see? another work group)

3. Must memorize the surah Luqman. Min 5 sentences. But of course, I wanna memorize more. For my own benefits jugak kan? ;D
4. An essay on example of loss of adab in our society. (Which I still have no idea.  Menyesal keluarkan topic gay. Could've use it for my assignment!)

Now, do you think I'm majoring in TESL or ISLAMIC STUDIES????

I think of assignments when I eat.
I think of assignments when I bathe.
I think of assignments when I’m going to sleep (and thank Lord I got some ideas for some task)
I think of assignments whenever my mom ask me to do certain chores.
I think of assignments when I have to go out to find some things. In other words, SHOPPING FOR PRIORITIES.

I used to be so excited whenever I bought a new diary or planer for the upcoming year. But this time around, I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like being so excited filling all those blank with information of me. I don’t feel like celebrating 2011. I don’t feel like anything. God. I'm dead, am I?


Another factor that adds to my worry is, having to choose a partner for pair/group work. Which is... =.=

I’m being so heartless. Mak Long said I’m insensitive. Well, I am. What can I do about it? I can be sensitive, but only if you know where to trigger the button. Ibu nearly cried at airport when Nashra and her family was leaving. I was like, ‘Ibu!! You almost cried too??!!’. But of course, I didn’t say that actually.

I’m becoming emotionless, heartless, liveless.. what else?

Thanks to that particular person and all the people who have me who I am today.

I feel much stronger.

Well, not really.

(via oay, shalluspeaks)
I want to scream to the world!!
Set me free, please.

P.s.: Do you think this post has deep meaning to you?
P.p.s.: Do you find irony in it??


  1. same here nina!
    I've tons of assignments as well!
    Just thank god I've completed like 3/4 of Islamic Studies.
    Now I have to complete Demonstrative Speech and also the basic education..
    I;M TIRED ALREADY!!! *whining*

  2. Haha! You shouldn't whine nash... at least you've completed most of the work! I'm sure you can finish soon!

    Take a sip of coffee and relax for a while.. then continue. You'll be done with it soon!

    Lets hope for the same for me. haha :D


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