Featured!! :DD

Hello ladies and gentleman!!

I’m feeling very much excited today. Though must I say that I started my day in the morning feeling something’s not right, like.. empty. Anyway, scratch that negative thought dear readers! For I have something very delightful to share with you.

Guess what?????!!!!!!!!!

My Tumblr blog  was featured in The Other Khairul’s blog!!!!!! Like..... WT....?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time I read it, I was like,

‘eyh, Nyna Roxyford??’ 

At first, I thought, is that me? Couldn’t be. Cuz it’s RoxYford. My name is Nyna Roxford. Then I click the name, just endless of html code (I think) appear on the screen. Maybe it's the line affecting it. But then I tried to click the one that’s written photo under the name, and tadaaaa!!! There goes my Tumblr blog!!! Like, 


Still excited you knowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, forgot to say thanks. Apalah Nyna ni. 

To Mr. K,

Thank you so much for featuring me in your The Other Pretty Gay!! Hahaha Mesti underline jugak description for The Other Pretty Gay sebab makes me feel terharu and *speechless* Makes me wanna update my Tumblr always!! XDD

Btw, it's Nyna Roxford. hihihi Anyway, thanks so much!!!! XDD (Please excuse me for acting like a little girl who just got a new bike XD)

To some, maybe you'll say, 'Ala... Mr. K je... bukannya Zack Zukhairi pun!' Well, you can say whatever you wanna say. IDGAD. In fact, I think it's normal for you to have haters. This may sound cliche, but it might be true; People are just jealous

For all;

"It's okay if people can't accept you as who you are, that's their weakness. It's okay if you can't accept others as who they are, that's your weakness. Everybody has their own weaknesses. When you think about it, it all comes back to ACCEPTANCE."

I know I've wrote this quote before somewhere in my post, but I can't remember which post. Hahah Apalah Nyna. Post sendiri pun tak ingat. Okay, toodles ya'll!! Got Literature class tomorrow morning and I still have not produce a single couplet bout something that I like to eat/drink. =.=

P.s.: Have so many thoughts in mind that are not aligned. Will try to sort them out a.s.a.p..

P.p.s.: To my other friends, it's not that I didn't appreciate you guys featuring me in your blog. You don't know how much I appreciate it so much that sometimes I have tears in my eyes!! Yes, I can be THAT emotional at times. Hahaha

P.p.p.s.: To all my dear readers and followers in Blogger, Formspring, and Tumblr, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH! THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!! MUAHMUAHMUAH!! XOXO XD


  1. Tumblr is not compatible with blogspot. Thats why bila klik tajuk tumblr, dia kuar rss feed. :)

    Btw, Roxy sounds better:)

  2. Haha That's what my other friends told me too. Roxy. :D


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