Entry Yang Agak Kasar

Okay, before I say anything, please take note, this is just about me. You know, me, myself and I, we always have an issue among each other. So, yeah, this is mainly about me. No hard feelings okay dear readers? :)

As planned, today I have a drama practice at the badminton court, at 9am. So I kinda sleep late. Knowing that all students usually will sleep late especially when they have no class in the morning. I'm not excluded from this. I slept at 2am. Then woke up around 6.45am for Subuh prayer. Done, I continue to my sleep and put my alarm at 8am. I didn't really feel good about it. But, BUUUUUUT!!!!, I felt really "happy" to receive text messages from various people. Yeah yeah, I thank you for informing me, but I really don't like to be disturbed when I'm sleeping. But of course, you didn't know I was sleeping, so don't feel guilty or hurt by my statement okay? :)

I got text messages from class rep la, saying class was brought forward, then followed by the drama. Then, another text from my member who wants to bring forward the meeting for the drama practice. I was like, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LET ME HAVE MY BEAUTY SLEEP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha Then I just said 'Lets just stick to 9am'. hahah

I love my message ringtone. It's the end part of Use Your Love (from minute 2.43 onwards) by Katy Perry. Try listen to it. Due to the words used in it, and the text messages (lets just take 5 text messages as an example), so basically, I'm listening to that particular sentence (I'm not telling you cuz I want you to figure it out. haha) , twice for each time, and multiple that by 5. No wonder I feel like cursing FUCK-YOU! to every single person that I saw along my way. Hahahaha

Then waiting for the bus, it's just... a plain, normal disaster every single day. For now. Then, what with our drama. Dah potong2 songs tu tiba-tiba tak boleh bukak pulak dekat computer Dewan Angsana. Tried again, tak boleh jugak. Seriously fuck. Last resort, we use Toby je.

Nak tambah lagi! I was playing the role as Prof. Dumledore. Plus, prop aku ni je yg aku rasa melampau tahap diva dalam group tu. Siap ada witch hat, white robe, moustache and janggut made of cottons. And boleh pulak I was asked to choose the 1st group to present since I'm wearing that hat. And when they're done, they picked us pulak. As expected. Then I said to Miss Sally,

'Ms. Sally, can I go to the washroom now?'.

'You really have to shee shee now?' and she laughed.

'Yeah' *with a big grin on my face*

Yeah. The hat is like that. Tinggi GILA!

Permission granted. I ran as hell to the washroom. Hopefully nobody saw me in which toilet considering that the hat can be a signal for people to 'predict' what I'm doing. LOL. While I was finishing my business, I thought there was somebody peeking on me. Cuz I heard noise. Like a breathe. Then I don't know why I tried to breathe harder. I thought, yeah! That sound! Then breathe harder again, yeah that sound! (Ohmygod... sounds horny la plak. hahah) Oh, it's just the sound of my breath going against the cellotape with a cotton moustache on it in between my mouth and nostrils.

Imagine the moustache (more than Dumbledore have, actually) got suck into your mouth!

During introducing ourselves to the members of the floor, suddenly these moustache got in my mouth. As if eating white cotton candy. No. A better expalanation would be 'As if your mouth was behaving like a vacuum sucking those "cotton candy"'. It sucks. I mean, figuratively and literally. I can barely talk. The whole floor was laughing at me. It was obvious that the cotton suddenly got suck into my mouth. Ya la. Daripada terang tang tang nampak misai putih kat situ tiba-tiba hilang, mane lagi pergi kalau bukan ke mulut kan?? hahaha

And I can still feel the cotton in my throat. Somebody help me!!

However, thank God for there was pasar malam today. As usual on Tuesday. Got myself dinner then went back to college. And the same old routine continues...


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)