Cracked A Smile In Between The Cloudy Clouds

Hello there dear readers!

How are you?? I hope you're all well. As for me, hmm... I'm still trying to be balanced. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not easy being me. I don't expect to be forgiven in such a short time. It's okay. If you can forgive me, by all means, I thank you. But if you can't, I don't blame you. I can very much understand so. :)

Despite all of the things that happened, I'm not going to talk about that. But, just some rambling. This morning, I mean EARLY  morning, around 12a.m. in the morning, I did some blogwalking considering I'm getting bored with the same blog I'm following. (No offence dear friends, I just need some fresh thoughts, new ideas, new perspective). And so it got me realized that I kinda have a lot of followers. I mean, 42 is a big number. I remember when my follower was only the two digits number with the number 1 in front, how I wish my follower would increase. But actually, it's not the number of followers that is important, but rather the traffic. Traffic here means, according to my understanding la, is how many people come across into your blog, how many readers do you have per day. Err.. something like that. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just a novice in this blogosphere. Barely a novice I think. There're still a lot of things for me to learn about this bloggy thingy.

Last night, I couldn't really sleep. I got into bed at 1a.m., then golek here and there, finally I think I slept at 2a.m. Jeez. I like the fact that ideas came flushing into my bloody brain, at any time, but not at the moment when I'm trying to sleep. But still, thank God for flowing of ideas. Yeah, so I kinda have some ideas now on how I can possibly try to improve my life. However, if I tell Ibu bout this, she will definitely say this is not the right time and condition yet. As what I'm planning to do requires money (which has always been an issue to me) and time (I need to focus on my studies first, I can use the whole 3 months later if I wanna do that).

Anyway! I got better news for ya'll!! Hot news! This just came in! Guess what????!!!!! I was this close to getting my George! I mean, both locally and international!!!!!! Like, OH. MAIII. GODDD. Like SERIOUSLY!!!!

Okay, first of all, I don't wanna stress on my local George. Cuz I know a few of my readers know him well. And if I drop some clues here, they might figure it out and what if they told him I made him my George. Then every thing would go wrong. I'm not gonna screw it. No. No! Big NO! So, lets leave my local George to that.

Taken here
Yeah, I'm sure you get the picture right? XD

Moving on to the international George! Wahahahah This I like to talk about the most! Muahahaha You can see how excited I am! Hahaha Okay, chill Nyna... chill. Take a deeeeep breathe. Okay! Today, for the first time in my entire life, I tried Omegle. I know I know, like desperados je pergi bukak Omegle kan? Haha Anyway it's a fun way to see what kind of people you're dealing with, you can't expect whom you're gonna get. So, I got someone from Poland. He's 19. Blablabla. Then we introduced ourselves and he said he was kinda lost. I asked why. And he said he doesn't know how to live life. When you think back, WE really are lucky to be born as a Muslim. We were taught, we were given a purpose to live. Exceptional to those who neglect, some of them they refuse to see 'this'. And so I said something like this, 'I know a book which have everything in it. The Quran. Like a guide. I'm not forcing or anything. Try to look for the English version of it. I hope you'll find something in it'. Berdakwah sikit disitu kan elok? Hahah I thought of giving him a verse from the Quran, but I don't really remember which verse suits him, to help open his eyes and I asked Hakim (budak surau kan.. haha) sadly, he also doesn't seem to remember. So I just told him that. Oh yeah. We're supposed to be talking about George aren't we?? Hahah Forgive me for diverting the topics dear readers.

So, in the middle of me talking to this stranger guy in Omegle, Naddy said to me, 'Nina, ni George'. I wasn't really paying attention, but I was kinda excited. My mind was focusing more on how can I help this guy to help him find his purpose in life. They chatted and chatted. Unfortunately, Naddy didn't get the chance to ask for his email or any ways to contact him. Naddy said to me, he wasn't being horny at all. He was so kind. But he did said to Naddy 'I gotta go now. You should be studying right now'. Waaaaa!!!! Like... OMG!!! That is soooo what I imagined my George would be. Dang! But what's done can't be undone right? It's in the past. Like I said, if it were to be, it will be. No worries. I believe in the fate that He has put for me. I believe in it.

P.s.: Really wish I could meet my George. :(

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