18SX Tag

Was thinking on topics to post about today when I remembered I was tagged by Yong.

So here we go! :D

1. Apa benda paling penting dalam hidup anda?
Money. Without money you can't survive.

2. Benda terakhir korang beli pakai duit sendiri? 
Ha? 100 plus. Haha

3. Dimana tempat perkahwinan dan apa tema perkahwinan korang?
Okay, George,you better listen up. My mother said just do it at home. But I have 2 places where I wanna have my wedding ceremony; beach and grand ballroom. At the beach is for family and close friends only. The theme is 'Pure'. At the grand ballroom, our other friends, perhaps colleague, old high school friends, business partners, and who knows who. The theme for this is 'Classic elegant'. Make sure the colour is sky blue okay?? haha (urgh. what kind of theme is that???!!!) 

4. Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
Yes. With myself. :))

5. Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
For as long as God allows me to.

6. Novel/buku/majalah terakhir yang korang beli?
The Thing About Jane Spring and A Year of Yes. Both are typical love story. I know. -.-

7. Antara mak ayah korang, yang mana korang lebih mesra?
I only have my mother. Hence, my mother is my everything. She is my life. Without her I am nothing. I love you, Ibu! :D <3

8. Namakan orang yang betul-betul korang nak jumpa dalam hidup korang?
Tun Dr. Mahathir, Prof. Ungku Aziz, Kimora, Katy Perry and of course, my George. ^^

9. Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
Of course la! Aiyoyoo~

10. Di manakah tempat yang betul-betul korang nak pergi?
Venice, Milan, London (again), Maldives, Rome, Carribean Island, basically around the globe!! :D

11. Pilih salah satu, peluk atau cium?
That's not enough. Foreplay, french kiss, best night ever. Ha ambik kau. Kan dah keluar semua! Well, not exactly semua. XD

12. Beritahu 3 benda tentang orang yang tag anda?
Have such a beautiful name: Yong Sofea
Loves colour green
Loves cat!

13. 5 lagu yang korang suka and selalu dengar?
Breathe - Anna Nalick (such a beautiful song)
Firework - Katy Perry (for motivation!)
Your Love's A Drug - Leighton Meester (love the first few seconds of the song)
Only Girl In The World - Rihanna (loves the spirit!!)
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (this is the perfect song for days with sunshine!)

14. 5 blogger yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk jawab tag ini ?
Khairil (Updated: Girl friends, not the Khairil you thought)
The rest, has been tagged by Yong.

P.s.: Please excuse the title of the post. I'm high tonight. Hahah 


  1. agak high la jugak nynaa ahahahahhah! foreplay? french kiss. gasp!
    btw thanks for complimenting my name. :)

  2. Hahaha There are always sides of me that I never disclose to people and it's always something new to see (at least I hope so! xD). Hahah ;D

  3. Kan.... damn George. You better appear in my life quick!! XDD

  4. wah nyna...da jadi expert nampak...hehe...
    I'm proud of u...hahaha...

  5. hehehe tgk la I belajar dari siapa kan.... *wink wink* XD

  6. hey there...I've answered the questionnaire in my blog....do check it out =)


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