Tell Me What Did I Do Wrong If I Deserve This

I’m hurt. And yet I’m listening to Just A Dream, Sam Tsui’s version, which makes me even sadder. -.-

Friends, or friendship, I think I’ve had enough experience of getting hurt being in it. And yet, God still wants me to learn something from it. It must be something that I didn’t learn from the previous episode, for He is giving me the same test over and over again. What did I miss?

Hurt. Hurt. Hurt. Jeez. I promised myself not to let myself get hurt by my friends. Be it in any form. The weakest part in everyone is their heart. And I lost. I fell in fighting my own feelings, my own emotion. Yes, I am not strong emotionally. You know how I feel now? Sure you don’t. Feels like you just scratch my steel heart and it gives out that numb feeling. Like you scratching a steel over another steel. The most hurtful hurt is the hurt that doesn’t bleed. Yes, why would you care, I mean nothing. A worthless friend to you. But despite all the waves I had encountered as long as me being a friend to someone, I can finally see what friendship REALLY means, with this one friend of mine. I’ve never felt so happy being her friend. I’ve never felt so happy being A FRIEND.

I feel being used. Always felt like I’m just their disposable raincoat. Disposable. Yeah. It’s so easy for you to just use me when you need me and throw me like another used tissue onto the floor. Hmm.

Thank you. You hurt me. Is this something I deserve from you? ANSWER ME.

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