Not So Much

Hello there dear readers!!! How are you?? I hope you're all fine. =)

Sorry for not updating much lately. Ever since I got my result for the first sem, don't feel like blogging that much. Sad. Yeah. Though mostly said that's okay, good enough, but when my mom was frustrated with my result, how can I not be happy? Don't matter what others think, what my mom think is more important. But then, she put high hope on me. I mean, REALLY HIGH. o.o Even my uncle said so. I must study hard next sem. I'm planning to cut on certain things which can really make my time go wasted just like that.

I must study hard. No more playing around. No more going out on most night. No more spending time until 9p.m. (sometimes more) on weekdays. No more gossiping. But with Syidah as my classmate, that would be one of the hardest thing to do. Hahaha XD Hmm.. no more studying last minute. Early-preparation. That's what successful people do. Jeez. This brings all back the memories when I was in my so-called Golden Years.

When I was in Form 3, you wouldn't believe I can study for hours non-stop. I have my own timetable and of course, I obeyed it. XD I remember after school, I would take a bath, have my lunch, at the same time read newspaper (to keep me updated, points for essays, and one way to relax my mind before I squeeze my brain for the rest of the day). Then, I would study from 3 to 6. But of course, in the 3 hours, I would study different subjects, so that I won't feel bored. And I also make sure that all subjects, I study them equally. But those subjects which I'm weak at, I would give an extra hour to study it. Then, at night, after Maghrib and Isya' prayer, I'll continue study until 10 (or 11. Don't really remeber). Then, I must go to sleep. I (with my mom, of course) make sure that I get enough sleep and enough food, to eat. LOL. Seriously. I was fat at that time. Chubby la. Haha I think, one of my inspiration to get straight As was to prove to my uncle, that FAT PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID. HAHAHAH XD

Okay, back to sem. So, urm, as I happen to know, Dyanne and Nash also happened to be feeling the same thing. You know, like we're getting more dumb, air-head than before. And we're trying our best to get back to our old self. To study like in those days. GO T.A.G. girls!!!!! :DD

Eh. Thought of sharing with ya'll a pic I took. Of myself, of course. Me, cam-whoring again. LOL XD

Btw, I don't think I'm gonna talk a lot about MUET. Nothing much to say pun. Other than the fact that I didn't get my OWN Reading paper yet, and the fact that I ALMOST lost my phone. Thank God for the Chinese teacher who kept it and ask me to tell her my number just to make sure that is mine. Of course, this I didn't tell my mother. Hahaha It was the most 5-minutes panic moment of my life! Hahaha XD

THis second Aidiladha celebration, I'm gonna have guests coming to the house. Which means.. I'll have to clean the house, mop the WHOLE house, basuh itu, basuh ini -.- . Tired lor... Hmm. Then I'll have to pack cuz we're going for SEM2!!!!!

Okay,  people!! Have a good day ahead! :D


  1. terasa,
    *LOL haha
    =) dun feel sad, just cheer up yourself..

  2. Hahaha
    Okay.. I'm trying. Need to work hard next sem!! :DD

  3. Totally..
    this is getting me hyped up to study more for next sem.
    Same as your are; cutting off few unimportant activities, quit slacking off all the time.

    Go T.A.G GIRLS :D

  4. GOOD LUCK. i'm struggling here too T.T

  5. Nash: Yeah!! Go T.A.G. GIRLS!! XDD

    Lisa: Good luck to you too!! I'm sure you can do it! :D


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