Happy Aidiladha!!

Hello there dear readers!!

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day to some and not-so-big day to others. Haha It's Hari Raya Aidiladha tomorrow!!! Or some prefer to call it Hari Raya Haji. Anyway...! How do you feel about it? Tired cuz have to help mom cook in the kitchen? Or you're just plain bored with the upcoming event? Nothing special pun ya?

Before I forgot, I'd like to you wish you all my dear readers and followers a very HAPPY AIDILADHA!!! Makan rendang nanti jangan lupa Nina yeee.... hahaha

Pic taken from Google.

Okay, actually, I don't really have the mood to blog. Don't know why. Okay, I lie. I know why. Hope this is gonna be a good thing for me. Since I've lost my interest in making a blog post. hahaha

Oh btw, didn't have a chance to welcome the new bloggers. Syidah, Faiz, and Afif.

Some tips yang aku nak kasi tau.. though aku sebenarnya tak sampai setahun pun ber-blogging ni. haha But from my observations,

  1. Choose your blog layout something that displays YOU, or something about WHAT YOU'RE GONNA POST ABOUT.
  2. Make is easier for the people to comment. If possible, tak payahlah nak letak password verification tu. We're not cows who can go online. -.-

Hm.. I think that's all je kot so far. Okay gtg! Ibu dah siap physiotherapy dia! Buhbye! MUAH2!! 



  1. thanks nyna.
    and yeah, aku baru perasan yang aku buat no 2 tu ! LOL ! aku punyela bengang kalau kena buat tu bile nak komen kat blog orang sekali rupenye aku pon tak set balik! lol ! sumpah lawak xD ! thanks for letting me know ;)

  2. FA: Thanks. :))

    Syidah: Hahaha Good to know you noticed. Jangan terasa sudeyhhhh.. XD

  3. I LOIKE!!!!
    eh,btw,mine kena letak verification x?lupa
    yeah.that blog template really suits me!!!

  4. I don't really remember. But I think yours kena click tunggu bukak page baru baru boleh comment. haha :DD


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