Ecstatic 2 Hour!

Hello people!!!!!!!  Hahaha How are you?? I hope you’re all in good condition, as always hopefully! :D

As most of you already know, semester two has begun. Classes were reshuffle, most of us have different roommates, but some are happy with it and some don’t. Yet, no matter how separated we are, The Six (got this from Syidah. Hihi) seems to remain the same. So far, we still go to the Faculty together, breakfast (and gossips)  together, and of course, since my roommates are all TESLians, our room seem to become the “port” for our TESLians friends (Especially The Six. Muahaha). But what so special about our room is that Yong is together in the room! Hahaha She’s such a funny and fun girl to have around. :D

However, about my class, I’m not sure what to say yet. We just had our first day yesterday. And I can’t feel the bond. Yet. Hopefully. Hope it’s gonna be okay and we can rock the class together!! What matter is to score this time around. Told myself to reduce my “Activities”, only to do it during the weekends. But then, here I am, making a draft of my blog post before I actually post it (I know. I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. But if I’m too lazy I’ll just type it and post it there and then. Haha) Hoping for the best. For the sake of all of us.

Nway, last night, I think I had the most fun in my entire life! My first time going crazy shopping with the girls (Zhafa and Yong). We went to Plaza Masalam (which sounded more like Plaza Masalah to me. Hahaha) to go buy some girls stuffs. Got a taxi to go there and the moment we got into the building, we already saw elianto, a make-up brand that uses natural ingredients in their products. And we went there straight like a zombie hungers for blood or meat (eyh, what does zombie actually eat ar??) Oh okay, let’s put it like this, like tons of girls who just got into a big supermarket that offer stuffs discount up to 70%!!!! How awesome is that???? Make-up made organic, at quite an expensive price most of it (expensive la for students! aiyooyoo! haha), and they’re offering 70% off??? You’re crazy if you’re not ecstatic as I am! Hahaha But then, I only bought a liquid eyeliner and a lipstick. Hihihi I’ve always wanted to own a liquid eyeliner and I’ve done a survey (yes, you MUST do a survey of price and QUALITY first before you waste your money and especially, before you put anything onto your sweet face. ^^) before. I was attracted to Maybelline’s liquid eyeliner, but there’s only one type if I’m not mistaken. I was hesitate to buy it. Thank God I wasn’t rush in buying that Maybelline liquid eyeliner as I’ve found a liquid eyeliner which I really like, and it’s really affordable!! But it wasn’t cut off till 70% la, just 20%. But still! Okay la! It’s around RM17. And I also bought a lipstick which Yong said it looks sweet on me. Awww Thank you so much Yong and Zhafa for helping me choosing and judging and commenting on the stuffs I tried! Really appreciate it! I never thought going out with girls would be such a fun thing to do! Hahaha

Got myself a black one. Teehee~ ^^

Yesterday ended quite well though it was gloomy almost all day long. Which, of course, most of you know that I’m in love with sunshine so much! Haha Okay, not quite well. But brilliantly! What with having dinner (or should we call it supper?? Haha) at Nasi Kandar Pelita after we brave ourselves to go out from the expensive restaurant as first, there was not much of choices of food to eat and second, it’s kinda expensive. Me and Zhafa we had mee goring mamak and two (yeah, you read that right, 2!) glasses of teh ais. Sungguh unhealthy. Typical Malaysian. Hahah And I was literally crying as the mee was too delicious. Muahahah It was delicious BESIDES the fact that it’s HOT and HOT! Oh. Okay. I meant, hot and spicy. And we had to eat it fast fear of we might not get taxi and reach the college before curfew time. Which Yong was paranoid about. Hahahah But we manage to reach there even before 10.15 kannnn Yong??? Hahaha

Wahaha Today I got to use the lipstick going to class and guess what???! My lipstick taste like white chocolate! Seriously! After I put it up, I said to my roommate ‘Eyh, lipstick dia rasa white chocolate la! Siapa kiss aku mesti rasa coklat!’ with a big grin on my face. Then suddenly they all got quiet and gave me this expression: *O* Hahahah Not that I’m gonna kiss anybody. Well, at least not until I’m married. Hahaha

The code was 03. I think it's the Cherry Berry. :))

Yong got herself a pair of new white shoes. Zhafa got herself four new shawls if I'm not mistaken. All of us bought things from Elianto. Hahaha And you know what??!!! Zhafa actually accidentally picked the wrong colour for her pencil eyeliner! She got herself a dark purple eyeliner! Hahahah Tu lah Zhafa... excited sangat shopping ye??? Hahahah XD

And so, I actually sempat took some pics at INTEC Library since the lighting was okay. But please, this is not one of the best pics I'd taken, please excuse the less sleeping hour since becoming a student (I only sleep for 5 hours for almost two night in a row. Couldn't sleep). But I just wanna share with ya'll the so-called end result. Bahahaha XD

Anyway, I had such a wonderful girls night out with ya’ll!! Thanks girls! You rock!! XD

P.s.: Cherry Berry is actually a term for cirit-birit. Syidah and Dyanne made it up. But please, this has no relation to that. >.<



  1. plaza masalam sangat amat dekat dgn my rumah T.T i miss home :/

  2. Really?? Wow. Sorry didn't mean to make you feel sad missing home..


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