What I Love About Blackberry Torch 9800

Hello there dear readers! How are you feeling today?? Happy? Sad? Excited? Or... gloomy? Well, whatever the weather is, I'm about to bring sunshine right onto your face!

Guess what???

Nuffnang is about to give TWO(2) units of Blackberry Torch 9800 (yup, you read that right!), the coolest, smartphone in the mobile industry ever, to the most creative post for the week! And it's courtesy from Celcom!!

Now, I know you too out there are just as confused as me and my friends on choosing the best phone that suits our lifestyle, our needs and ourselves. Lets have a look at it's special features in the comments below!

Spilling the juicy juice features of the Blackberry Torch 9800 to my friends, just make my heart grows fonder towards this new smartphone in town!

Since Celcom is giving away great deals on the launching event of this new Blackberry Torch 9800, I'd love to spill some juice too on the plan offered that'll assure you absolute peace of mind when you sign up.

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be acknowledge for the one of the greatest plan as I'm about to introduce to you... CELCOM EXEC 50 PLAN!!!!!

When you sign up for Celcom Exec 50 Plan, you get to enjoy these cool offers such as..

To add more spice to this news, the first 100 customer to pre-register and purchase the new Blackberry Torch 9800 with Celcom Exec 50 Postpaid plan, will get an early bird promotion when they'll give away these cool stuff:

  • Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125,
  • 8GB Micro SD card worth RM68, and
  • Energizer Portable worth RM58!

So what you waiting for? Get ready for the debut of the new Celcom Blackberry 9800 this coming 29th October and get ready to make it yours!!!

Head now to Celcom Postpaid Plan for more info. And if you can't wait till the launching event, simply pre-register and purchase the Blackberry Torch 9800 here.  :D

It's absolutely simple!


  1. WOW! I freakingly love it! The way you expressed the bb torch is creaaative! LOVE IT! And yes, I'll already fell in love with all the featuressss! <3

  2. Miss not mister:
    hihihi Tq for the support! Yeah...tak kenal maka tak cinta, ni dah jatuh cinta da ni. hahah XD

  3. wow..!!..hahaha serious lawak..!!.hahahahahahXDD

  4. Faiz:
    hahaha TQ!!! :DD Hopefully boleh menang. haha

    hihihi TQ!!!

  5. ooit..boleh punya lah..ur NYNA to the ROXFORD..!!!!..anything is possible right..???XDDDD..haha


    now i feel like having one nowwwww


  7. OMG! Freaking amazing!
    But but but,
    I already have my dream phone.. ):
    why is this coming out so LATE!
    This is your fault Nina
    cause I'm beginning to adore BB torch. keke :D

  8. Faiz:
    Ho yeah babeh! hahaha N to the Y to the N to the A!! Yeah! Anything is possible. Lets think positive now, shall we? hahah XP

    Yeah! I succeeded in making people want one! hahaha If your daddy doesn't give you green light, there's always SUGAR DADDY!! Muahahah XD

    Hahaha I'd take it my fault if I win one. LOL! hahaha Hehehe X)

  9. mlm ni kompem mimpi Blackberry Torch 9800..
    mimpi pown jadi lar~..hahaha~

  10. i love the way u attract people using this post n i hope dat u will attract those nuffnang team n win the prize

  11. Tiq:
    Hahaha Mimpi pun mimpi la kan?? hahah :D

    Tq Ain!!!!! Yeah.. hopefully. But the competition is quite tough you know.. some even made comics! X)


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