Specially For You Dear Readers & Followers

This, is specially dedicated to you my dear readers and followers out there!! :DD

Though I've posted before the one I sang Teenage Dream (also), but that one is version sakit tekak.
This one, tak sakit tekak. But okaylah. Hahaha XD

I finally succeeded in making an audio post. Well, not really an audio. But it's a video. I had to put some pics just so I can post my so-called audio post. hahah And lucky you dear readers, the pics I put bout me, are those that I like. Remember I post about me.. going supermodel??? hahaha So now you get to see my portfolio. *ka-ching!* ;D

Warning!: Please do not listen at MAXIMUM volume. Don't. Just don't.

Reminder: Oh! Don't forget to press Play/ Pause on my Mini MP4 down at the bottom of this page for best listening. ;)

P.s.: I'm imagining myself being in a recording studio, recording a song, wonder how it'll sound like after all the editing on my voice. Hmm...


  1. Izni & Fara:
    Hehehe Tqqqq!!! ;DD *malu*

  2. i like, nina! :D
    anyway, you sounded amazing..teehee

  3. nyna!!ur vid is awesome!! LOVE IT! hehee~
    at least u hve the guts to sing aloud. gud one! hehe! :D

  4. Nash: hehe TQ!! :D

    Dyanne: hihi *malu lagi* TQ Dyanne! :D

  5. wow. u sound really exited during singing ur fav song. Btw, i like it. =D

  6. Anon: Thaks! :D Of course I'm excited, it's my favourite song!! XDD And it still feels the same now that I sing it over and over again. XD


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