Short Memo

* Did a lil bit of of touch up on my blog. If you'd notice, I change the banner. I think it's more... elegant. I like it. ;) It's because my number increased and of course I want my follower to be...somehow revive! (padahal post sume mcm tah pape -.-) haha

* Lately, I really feel like going to gym. Sometimes I would imagine myself being in a gym even when I'm on bed. Isn't it weird? Haha

* I need to search more on cup cakes topping. Need to find something like not too coarsy. Need help.

* I want to write. But I don't know what to write. Any ideas? :)

P.s.: I don't know why I keep remembering that guy, whom I dreamt that he's my 'The One'. :/

P.s.s.: Wait up for the next post. ;)

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