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What does family means to you? Who is FAMILY to you?
Are they somebody who is blood-related to you?
Or they're just people who are close to you and love you like themselves but have no blood-relation to you at all?
Or simply... family means nothing to you??

Well, for me, I personally don't know which of the 3 definitions fit me. I mean, my family. I don't have any intentions to tell or share anyone's weaknesses today... but sometimes, Family is not really family. Sometimes, they're just blood-related to you. But they don't give any significant meaning to your life. Sometimes, they're just a group of people who God sent to be a part of your family. I wonder why... when they don't even take us, or even LOOK at us as their family?? Weird isn't it?

I'm an only child. And I'm grateful for that. I loooovvvveeeee being the only child. Not because I can get EVERYTHING. HELL NO YEA! But because I can do anything and everything alone. In the future, I don't have to quarrel over little things with any of my siblings, if I have one. I can simply live a life of my own. Happily, hopefully. People with siblings, mostly said that it must be a bore to be the only child. In my opinion, once you're an only child, you can survive BEING ALONE. You can do anything alone. As for me, and Dyanne, we love to do things alone. I mean, we prefer to work things out, ALONE. I think it has been a taboo for people to take the word ALONE as one negative, pathetic word. Being alone is not as bad as you think. Being alone lets you give some space for you think over your matters, being alone lets you do the things that you WANT.

Okay, back to family.

Nowadays, I don't know what kind of parents we have today. I look at my people... (I mean, Malaysians la. haha) and wonder, what have gotten into them? Why do we still have students, whom at the age of 12, still don't know how to read?? And yes, I'm talking about the Malays here. And no, I'm not being racist here. Living in Shah Alam for quite some time, I wonder, do they even realize that they need to move on, start being innovative, start thinking outside the box and enough of relying onto the government?? Not that I'm being political THAT much here, and no, I'm not going against the government nor the opposition here. I'm just stating my own opinion. I feel pity, I feel sorry for them. If they keep on having this attitude problem, thinking that they're always right, students going late to school, not going to school, watching porn, then YOU, yes YOU, think what will happen to our future generation? What kind of future generation are we producing looking at the teenagers today? Tell me what do you see. Do you see a developing, healthy country coming up? Or do you see destruction eating us slowly? Especially the malays. Tell me!

Simple example. There's this family having dinner out together in a restaurant. A husband, a wife and a little child. I'm giving you the simplest example here people. So they went to have dinner together. No big deal. The wife is busy talking to her husband, and yet, her husband apparently looking too busy eating his diner as he's STARVING (heh). And the little child who crave for attention from the parents, keep on yelling 'Mommy! Mommy! Nak tuuu!'. And yet, the mother ignored, as being soooo busy talking to her so-busy-eating-my-dinner husband! Hey! Don't you think that little action can affect your child? IGNORING YOUR OWN CHILD? Didn't you think that those action, can cause you effects, in which, YOU will feel it, experience it when you're older later?

It is not just about now or today, but it's about tomorrow and God knows when in the future.

I remember my mom always reminds me to behave myself. When I was a kid, she kept saying 'Behave yourself. Because what you do will reflect on me'. So, trying to be a good child (hehe) I followed my mom's advice. Till at one point I feel that I kinda really 'hide' myself. But the good thing is, I only let go of my wild and you-wish-not-to-see side of me at certain times. Only when the time's right. Okayyy.. Enough of me spilling out bout my unseen world.. hahah

After alllllll the mumbling, I actually want to say only one thing here:
You don't blame others for what your children has become. It is YOU, yes you, the mother and the father of the children who taught your children to be like that. Indirectly or directly. You were so busy trying to fulfill that envy in your heart, that little black dots of yours, and so you taught your child to say what you planned. But you as mother, should know that your weapon to change your children into better one is by asking from Him. Perhaps you should start by being a good listener to your children. Sometimes, they just want to be heard.

P.s.: Nobody's perfect. This is just what comes out of my mind and heart. I mean no intention to humiliate or to hurt anyone. Please take note on that! :)

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